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Coming to you from Buckeye Country, That's Miami Valley gaming, where there's so much luck. It's nuts Stop by a motive on luck today must be 21 gambling problem in Ohio called Gambling help line at 105 899966. Cincinnati Reds pregame show presented by your Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Honda dealers rolls on Now is we get you ready for the Reds and pirates? I'm Dave Armbrister. It'll be a long time before these two teams meet again. The Pirates don't come back to Great American ballpark until August, 5th for four games seriously. Reds aren't back here in Pittsburgh until September, 14th 15th and 16th this'll. He's the Hall of Fame highlight with Reds historian Greg Roads. Most Reds fans today certainly remember Sparky Anderson, the great Reds manager of the 19 seventies. Sparky's in the Reds Hall of Fame. And, of course, he's in Cooperstown as well. And there's only one other Reds manager honored in Cooperstown and that's Bill McKechnie. Veteran Reds fans who grew up in the thirties and forties will have no trouble recalling McKechnie. He was the manager of the greatest Reds club before Sparky's big Red machine. McKechnie skipper, the 1939 in 1940 National League champion Reds and his 1940 club beat the Tigers to win the world. Syriza's Like Sparky McKechnie played in the major leagues as an infielder, but both had far more successes, Managers and, like Sparky Bill McKechnie, one world serious with two different teams. Sparky with the Reds and the Tigers, McKechnie with the Reds and the Pirates. The captain. His nickname was Deacon, which should give you some idea about his personality and managing style. But he had a tough side as well. It was said of the deacon that he could teach Sunday school on Sunday morning. And then go toe to toe with an empire of the game on Sunday afternoon. Well time for you to go toe to toe with the Reds Hall of.

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