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Tangents. I have people. I'm not sitting appeared. Going of anything i didn't hate. The movie actually told people. Hey man look if you if you go see the movie and you've been a fan of these movies all these years slowed down yet Gonna stop you now not much. Could i'm gonna watch it tomorrow. Nothing nothing nothing. Thank you thank you g ton gto niko niko gee tony gto nico gto nico came in and gave us. Oh well that was dom donald. I'm sorry i'm talking about your movie. I'm sorry you were so kind of come in and get five hundred bits right there. Gto nico thank you for the subscription right there. So man i i just got caught up. This man took he. He took the will just made a tie. Then i've been watching all the movies and doing reviews for them so so we just did our review f nine yesterday people and i was just brushing him up on my opinions up. The world has aware of changes change to know. You don't know you do not stop the fucking shit like independent film. At the beginning. I am diet for me. Family family. Beppo joined the fans but we always come back together and blow shit up okay. Y'all ever thought about while missions. We've been on we've taken yes. Uh-huh every yeah. Yeah love it trained tanks and now we got cars flying in the air so.

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