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Delicious with Bob Evans side dishes like mashed potatoes and mac and cheese they're made with real milk butter cheese and potatoes and already in the microwave in six minutes try Bob Evans sides from your grocery store it'll be love at first bite warm weather continues round the showers and thunderstorms as we go through the next few days today eighty two with a few showers maybe a thunderstorm by early tonight and then cloudy overnight with thunderstorms likely sixty six so could be a slow roll tomorrow morning still a chance of showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon sixty eight Saturday rain in the afternoon upper fifty so much cooler Saturday scattered storms return in the low seventies come back on Sunday how to your old three Stooges from the weather channel is an attorney as official weather station news radio twelve hundred W. away I our top story the latest all owned a corona virus due to the spread of the coronavirus Texas has issued a public health disaster declaration governor Greg Abbott says it's the first time that's happened since nineteen oh one no one response to Jones is better than Texans Phyllis muster traditional Texas spirit and together defeat cove in nineteen the executive order bans dining in restaurants and bars and other establishments throughout April third curbside pickup and delivery for restaurants is still available similar restrictions were already in place in cities like San Antonio Austin Dallas and Houston there are now more than two dozen coronavirus cases in San Antonio deputy city manager Colleen Bridger broken down by age the highest percentage of infections that we have right now with five are in the forty to forty nine category but she says the city has positive tests from young people all the way up to the age of seventy nine the split is about fifty fifty for men and women city of Bernie and kindle county announcing their first case of coronavirus today according to a news release officials are investigating potential contacts of may.

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