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I'm Caroline Hudson. And I'm a registered and licensed dietitian, and I've been a dietitian since who. I'm almost afraid to admit this. Nineteen eighty so I have counseled hundreds and hundreds of people both young and old and one of the most important people. I share information with concerning bone health is of course, my mother, although my mother just turned ninety one years old, and she's still very very active. She explores hiking trails. She still get this one. She's still kayaks on lake superior. I am sure. The very next time. She's up at our family cabin. She's going to be strapping on her snowshoes to track in the woods behind our cabin. Because she is so active. She has many opportunities to tumble and fall. So she needs to have healthy and strong bones. So this morning, we want to share our bone health recommendations, so that you don't end up being one of the ten percent who die from a broken broken bone. That's right. And as we were preparing for today's show on osteoporosis and nutrition. I pondered the question why do Americans have such a high rate of osteoporosis? Of course, we believe that maybe it's because of what Americans are eating. And Michael Palin who is the author of indefens- of food. He also has several other well-known nutrition books. He found that Americans. Spend only twenty seven minutes, daily, cooking and four minutes cleaning up. Oh boy. Wow. I wish only four minutes. I wish my Allison. Mine was that best to. So they're means people might be just throwing away boxes from fast food or or a pizza box. Something from a takeout restaurant down the street. My cleanup is not anywhere close to format. But and Caroline, I both cook real food and the people who have four minute kitchen cleanup are not actually cooking their meal or maybe just heating something up. So have you figured out that fast, food, or processed food, or takeout food is not good for your bones? My name is JoAnne right out. I'm also a registered and licensed dietitian and like Carolyn have been practicing for thirty plus years. I have been helping people understand that nutrition is so much more than just counting calories and to lose weight..

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