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Yeah, those a convenient way of saying. Oh, well, we can't get rid of all these great players. We have to put someone out there. People will buy tickets to see. And this year. Who knows if they're going to be able to do that I? Sent you guys a cool promotion. The Red Sox are doing since no people will be in the stands, or at least not in the numbers they used to be. They're doing a promotion where you can pay to have your cardboard cutout put in the stands above the green monster at fenway so in those bleacher seats up there. You can have your cart you as a red sox fan, they should totally do this in PNC park by the way, and then if a home run ball clears the monster and hits your cardboard cutout. They will give you I think you get like five hundred bucks, and you get the ball signed by whoever hit it and they will. They'll sign your cardboard. Cut Out and then put another one of you up there. I think it's a good idea. It's kind of a fun promotion. Right why? Why not just steal it and do it a pse park? How how? Much a cardboard cutout Yinzer in the bleachers bill. But would it be sparsely attended still? Enough fans to contribute so it's just. A couple teams doing that. Cut Out promotion thing. Some of the let you use a picture of your dog. There's a big dog in the first royal I haven't heard about homerun promotion anywhere else. Long as it's not Hitler, I think you're good, because didn't they? Have that happen over in the one of the soccer stadiums were they're doing the cardboard cutouts like somebody like you're feeling wadden or something in the stands. You gotta be careful. Yeah Noah. Dictators please all right well. We'll come back hockey talk with the old Tunein or fill bork here on the DVD. Randy Baumann, and the Morning Show Ladies and gentlemen. It's time it's time for hockey talk. Be. Tunein are Filbert Ladies and gentlemen. A moment here..

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