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You mean the guy that was on Greg Marshall staff and worked for will wait, that guy's going to get to New Mexico state. That was part of in back channels. That was part of it. And now it looks even worse. Well, in the connection there, he and jans were tight. He and Christians. They worked together as well. So I always assumed that was the connection there. Yes. Like, it's Greg hire the next Chris jans. Let's see. And he is not. He has now been fired, which was expected the rest of the staff is on administrative leave. The president of the university fired him. Ongoing speculation, if there will be a change at AD, there will be a new president, that president is also leaving the summer. So we really could have from the top down change at New Mexico state and that's to be honest, that's what needs to happen here. The details in the police report, yeah, they're heinous and there's a lot to be figured out with that program. I also have stuff on the whack in the court report. Because it stopped at season, there were 6 games in the league that needed to be accounted for. They ultimately decided to forfeit those games. I'm not going to run you down the whole thing. Just go read it. Our off season listeners will remember, I broke a story last off season where the whack is seating its conference tournament, not on conference wins and losses. It is seating its tournament based on how you performed against your schedule for the entirety of the season. The reason why is it's got a new commissioner, Brian Thornton, he's trying to incentivize his teams to schedule as best they can. So it gives the whack its best chance at its best team in the tournament. You get a team in the tournament that wins obviously, you get more money, it's better representation for the league. Coincidentally enough, New Mexico state did this a year ago. It won in the tournament. That's 12 seen upset number 5 seed. Yukon there. So the details are all in that, but the forfeits fortunately mean that the standings of the wack and their whack resume seating system, no team jumped another because of this. The forfeits were automatically awarded and basically all regarded of a value of a home win. Thornton details that within, but what could have been from just a purely competitive standpoint as standing standpoint heading into the tournament, a team just simply opting to not play the remainder of its season. That actually can provide some real logistical hurdles. Looks like the whack is handled that pretty well overall. And you still got to get the auto bid by winning it. So it doesn't matter if you're the number one seat or the number 8 or the number 12, you have to win the games to get the auto bid. This is just setting up the league for its best chance at having its best team. Went out in a 12 team bracket. Boy, the sun's getting bright here in New York City. Can you tell? It would like this 55 minutes ago. Now my back's hot. It was a little bit like that. Yesterday. I mean, before we preview this game's going.

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