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I love that we're gotten wiser. But how is it going text any different than screening? Somebody with Cardi like you see, they're calling want to answer Bill. Technology has made us more rude to each other, because without technology, we used to go to the phone, you didn't know who was there. And you'd have to pick it up and say Molo, how are you, guess what you never had to pick up the only reason you picked up a phone because it was so era, tasting give me a phone rang starring? Yes, answered it. You know, you didn't always sometimes you're answering machine would get it. And you would listen to who was gonna leave you medical before you picked it up. I always monitor that was the start of us being rude to one another. I'm not. Newer ranks Gary, thanks. I'd sound like it forever on silent to a lot of times. I don't hear see anything and then come back to it. And third is okay. Yeah. Let's go talk to choline Ecole. Hello. Hello nickel. I'm gonna FaceTime you right now with no water. Do you like don't? You hate that. Do you, do you have friends that FaceTime you with no warning at all? My friends are always say timing may even my girlfriend is saying how the hell you deal with it all day, getting FaceTime, and everyone's always complaining, I'm screening their calls. And I don't answer it fine. You are every once in a while, though, I'll get a drunken FaceTime from friends, and if I'm in the mood, I'll go, okay? Let's go. You know what I'm saying? I don't mind having sometimes. But, like, sometimes, I'm just living my life and I don't wanna FaceTime. I know live your life. That's my that's my point. Your phone should not control you there. Your phone's, cool man. I love my I love my phone, but I control firm doesn't control I will watch your face time. Call come up while I'm throwing on Facebook. Wait for it to keep scrolling. I do not care on wizards. The kids in my you just. Just by you troll away. What's that Danielle face like the kids in my life?.

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