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The night today percent of the state's total tax revenue the cost of marijuana legalization in public awareness campaigns law enforcement healthcare treatment addiction recovery and preventative work is an unknown costs to the state we need answers to this to to all these questions how much is this costing us on the other side again other health related problems other lung issues that you develop emergency room visits poison control how much does this cost how about a lack of productivity at work a lack of ambition and productivity at school a lot of teachers are finding their students coming in this class high i know that happened before but not not as it's happening now in colorado and cory booker by the way twisted the president's arm you know what he did this yeah this is an excuse me excuse me cory gardner i'm getting my he's mixed up cory gardner actually managed to convince president trump to come out to agree not to prosecute the marijuana efforts in these states and marijuana in in various states in exchange for cory gardner releasing a hold on various nominees that trump has has nominated people that trump has nominated so confirmation votes being held up by a republican senator in colorado for pot that's how much they want this pot legalization to catch fire across the country and i think a lot of these people are thinking about what they're gonna do when they leave office pot industry will always have me they talk about big oil how about big pot big weed dnc is suing russia trump in trump campaign and wikileaks over alleged election interference all they have is stunts this is all the dnc has a stunt that came out a little while ago so there are suing russia the trump campaign and wikileaks is why would need lawsuit reform in this country it's total joke let's go to michelle and main line five michelle laura the but the the real toll that's being taken on this country is the country itself this has.

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