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Charlton is saying the same thing that them like. Plaza depaz full weltklasse plies. Alum bubby mall. Bobby charlton in the gog Out cape bombing and forget the goal of the. They wouldn't that outfield prize. I wouldn't have been. They wouldn't have been south guys team and they were well close. We haven't got the cost plaza. We got potentially. He's jet greeley. she's now going to prove it. This year in the champion league is just aggravates. Absolutely if you've got many memories of that charity shoe to guy mao see ended up to one. We goals ball you allen. Will kendall scored one with these aid and school. The chelsea go. Yeah waigel pull I think we were. We had a cut of injury. Problems Excuses but said Were very very good team at that time. Because i most of the ball because the midfield Hobby kendall with renowned as the best forever. Which i think. I've said on the show before i think if a if i had any brains the way to the i think brady Outshone them or do That that would have been the best midfield free. Maybe time in in english football anyway. I reminded me a little bit of the barcelona situation when they had the you know the free mitchell classic the same couldn't get the boat off you know and that is the most important area of the pitch because you win that midfield you the ball get the bull anything. The bowl Econo- economy but i. That's great. I'll suggest that we've While we got the dicon skull Zach but the only problem was being and say now is i think by keeping the positive backwards that's good but we never plighted that white guys out fast whenever we got the ball with Possibly be full by the tiny carry out dieting. Fine platinum the at sign in people. With and i don't think either. See sankai possible backwards There it's terrible triton. Our guy now Sidewise backwards. And i went. I'm not chelsea poor by. Ahl supporters complain other years about like it constant watching chelsea they wanted and then they could still can sign. What because possible. The back i watched the Shoot for years ago again. Fulmer fulmer favorite stanford bridge one nil in a sense a chapel off time lunch and geological by full title Too so what do you mean by that. You don't win football matches by your back in the bowl. They to stop the team from scoured and out. They lost one nil. Opted guy mo- That you got the gesture will because she defended too much of the bulk. You want your defenders on the bull. They was saying that this time how well mcguire applied at the back in.

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