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And there was always going to be this transition from the first phase, the campaign sliver, the parliamentary stage and the second stage to win the grassroots membership. And yes, I guess the kind of guy grassroots members do like, but it is a sign that they read is something how to change the way they might actually be in a bit of trouble. Well, you're right. It's been a very bumpy transition from the first phase. Of course. Johnson campaign Westminster in the second phase, the first place was brilliantly executed with the help of people like James Watson, a former MP around his private office govern Williamson, the former chief whip I mean they delivered exactly what they said they were going to do. They got him half the parliamentary party got him into the second round out of Westminster into the country. The problem started obviously with the row that should the newspapers now. Not full burqas come in. He's a business partner of Lynton Crosby who's a close friend, of course Jon around his Merrill, campaigns successfully. But they've had a terrible run recently in British elections they've sought the Australian ones but they advise Boris Johnson in two thousand sixteen and his abortive leadership campaign. They advise the conservative party in. Disastrous two thousand seventeen campaign where they tried to build a personality cult around a leader, you hadn't any personality. And as you mentioned, they run that goldsmiths a polling campaigns balloons and mayor in two thousand sixteen where they basically round the dock was so racist campaign in a multicultural, tolerant, Sissy. It was obviously despicable. And so they brought this guy in their attentions. In the Johnson camp between the people around the first phase and not phobic is now running the second phase and I'm told it was marked Fullbrook first decision as the campaign chief executive to bring in, in Duncan Smith as the chairman, which in itself, was a fairly controversial thing with some of the people who've been with both Johnson away through Moore under, let's flip back to policy for moment. And I think, you know, jomie Honda's also put out some policy proposals this week, particularly on corporation tax spending a lot of money on defense and also want about juden tuition fees for entrepeneurship. And if we don't think both Johnson's policies are particularly thrown good. You couldn't say much for Jeremy Hans either. That's right. And I think sort of going back to this question of whether the whole thing is a good look for the Tory party. I'm really not. Not sure that these policy pledges are doing them any favors. I mean, we were thinking about, you know how full through the Johnson camps policy proposals are on. I would have said, you know, they're throwing them out left, right. And center by not really just the right and similarly with Jeremy hunt. You know, his idea for, you know, having a tuition fees amnesty for entrepreneurs. I mean if you look at the social background of entrepreneurs in the UK, this is the most privileged echelon of young people. It's completely bonkers. It's literally giving money to people who don't need it. And it kind of been thought for, for more than about a minute, before they came up with it simply I was interested on the defense spending thing. Because when you combine that with some of the tax cuts, you opening up a huge question, IVA fiscal responsibility. And you kind of one that also how much Tory voters have changed into whether they really want to hear that message on things like defense spending, which, you know, clearly goes down well in these hustings, but will it sort of carry forward into this mythical land beyond Brexit, which both candidates is so key? Into talk about in which we will never ever get to. Yeah. I mean, it reminded me that if you remember the scene in this one of the last series of the thick of it where the slightly new age, Tori campaign chief invite slow to people to sit in a circle a circle of positivity, and as they throw a ball to each other each one has to come up with an idea and everyone goes, yes. And that's what some of these policy ideas have reminded me of that. No one's that she sat and thought, well, if we do that there's a problem here we all come back on, with Georgia's point about Boris Johnson seeing himself since she has a much more one nation centrist figure..

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