Jeff Flake, Republican Party, Donald Trump discussed on The Daily - Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017


Right i mean because arguably jeff flake was accusing among others mitch mcconnell of being complicit yeah he's he was accusing the entire republican quote unquote establishment of going along with the sky and you know they are in a a huge bind both a political buying back at home and a sense of existential crisis why did they exist what does the republican party exist to do in past anything it seems like it's coming down to two things judicial appointments which mitch mcconnell's obsessed with and this tax reform so let's talk about how tax reform fits into all of this that we're talking about tax reform is the deaths ex mocking are right now it is the one thing that can bring the party together and save it from this perception that donald trump and the republican controlled house and senate have done nothing i ran into lindsey graham and the hallway today somebody asked him how important is tax reform to the republican party and graham said we don't to tax reform there is no republican party and then someone said a how important is tax reform to donald trump lindsey graham said tellingly if we don't get tax reform there is no donald trump republican party um i think it is a sin acquire non they if they come away emptyhanded they're in real real trouble thank my latin teacher would really admire your use of those two latin stairs x marking as in a corner on i wrote them down i was really impressed so is tax reform the thing that's motivating congressional republicans and trump to work together meb for some of these republicans to stay quiet it's the only thing that they have right now and what's fascinating about this is the package that is going presumably to bring the republican party together and and he'll all of these divisions that we've been talking about.

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