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Nine three seven zero zero zero three when we left I was talking with Chuck, and Chuck they're still. Yes, sir. Sorry about that. No problem. And you know, what you were saying about the fence and using the concrete one thing he was actually putting a PVC pipe in the ground and concrete in it in. So he had a good stable base there. But yeah, you you're selling him the same warning. I was giving them that grab a will hold water against that wouldn't post. So it will increase the rotting of it. But even at that it's going to last a long time. Well, it it sounded like what he was done was going to hold water against the poll. Yeah. The other thing is the Asian factor for the concrete now for the chain link the metal post is a whole lot easier. Walk because you got all the attachment hardware. Yeah. Bowl, and you can also scratch, you know, you've gotta scratch that fabric. And and the powers and stuff that she had moved to stretch that fabric were better what the the steel post sisters. It's it's a more common while you're doing nothing. It just looks right to have steel posts with the chain link fence that too and and you can put those little metal caps up. So that you don't have water in there. But yeah, that that was how I want my wife through junior and senior I was ride what Botham the summertime and Bogota best fan. Some like say man, we awards plants all over the place. One model are chain link to a little bit of light construction carports and that sort of thing. Yep. Okay. You know, that's how I possibly much summers is the kid. Yeah. And learned a lot in our few knuckles. What's the big problem? These days, you know, you can't get kids to do anything like go borrow one hundred thousand dollars to go to college. And all and they don't have the work experience. They don't you know, that experience is so valuable you gotta get that as a kid. You know, Chuck, you're so right on that. I will tell you. I made all of my kids work in every single one of them got their first jobs because of the work. They did. While they were being educated and stuff. The kids who don't work. They don't get a leg up. Well, they don't really they don't understand the work. If the Malian concept, you know, working in the Royal World War near through college. You know, when you get your first really good job. You've got that work ethic that experience I've got you understand. You know, you know, you're you're you're it's just completely different dynamic. I mean, you can spend your entire life going to college. And then that does Willie prepare you for a Royal world job. Well, and Chuck I'm gonna tell you. I think we are at a turning point where you're gonna start seeing the people who work with their hands who actually learn stuff like air conditioning, and plumbing, and Trish, and even guys who, you know, do Rufina and different projects like that. They are actually going to be making more money. Than most college graduates because fewer. You wanna do that kind of work and they start off so much earlier by not going to college. But just a knowledge that they have is making these these people worth so much more money. Jim may already on. Go out there and find a Famer a roofer on crush go. Try to find any your skill. That's a skilled trades. You know? I I grew up. I had an uncle who was only Christian. I learned from him undertook VO class on my life. By the time. I got out of high school. I could build a house from the ground up weren't vomit the whole nine yards. Yep. Just from working with relatives neighbors. Oh, one of my best friends had was a plumber. I've worked with them. Mr. Daniels down the street was a mechanic, and I go over there. And then, you know, hey, kid come and help or not help him. Do a brake job will the next time. I need a break jobs unless dangerous can borrow those tools. Yeah, they're right there on the bench there and get on the garage. You know where they are. Sound like a job hopper. Well. You know, we used to be able to do all that stuff. You know? I mean, we can work on cars houses. That's how we grew up. We were constantly, you know. Idle hands are the devil's workshop. I think we'll stop. Yep. What's your man? I enjoyed catching up with you. But I'm going to have to move on. Well, thank you have a good day us. Well, we'll talk to you later. And let's see here, Tim, I normally end up interrupting you, but let's let's see if we can get the question out before we go to break. Let's take a forty year old house with a huge room added on the back about five years after it was built about ten years ago had. Concrete that concrete work had. Slab taken care of what they major company.

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