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Folks are the liberals letting the cat out of the bag on a couple of key issues of there's stunning. It is stunning to be pointed that out last week when this northern business began and the New York state Senate action on post birth abortion, partial Burt post birth abortion, getting a standing ovation in New York state Senate northern basically saying the same thing another not even talking about that they're covering that up with this black based business and his Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax. So they've let the cat out of the bag. What abortion really is? And now Andrew Cuomo Andrew. The governor of New York has let the cat out of the bag on democrat tax policy and in so doing Andrew Cuomo. And we've got the sound bites that the drive-by media is not playing. From Andrew Cuomo making the case for why I left New York in nineteen ninety seven. And I got to tell you this folks, this the deep state, I cannot imagine the total exasperation the wit's end frustration the absolute after all of this inability to make a single dent in Donald Trump and his his job approval has got to be driving them nuts. The Rasmussen people put out the presidential approval numbers today. We know they're right because of CNN's numbers yesterday. Rasmusen has trumpet forty eight percent approval. After all of this after over two years of ninety two percent negative news coverage multiple times a day after the coordinated effort of the deep state with the Muller investigation, a so-called Russian collusion investigation, and all of the illegal activity in court to shut down the elements of the Trump agenda, all of the media coverage designed to portray Donald Trump is an absolute wandering shred of human debris, the purpose of which was to get his approval numbers down to the thirty s and they even fantasizing about the twenties because that's the only way they're going to be able to get rid of him. And here he is on the day of the state of the union starting the third year of his four-year term. He is at forty eight percent two points higher than Obama. This means that in terms of their objective. The actions of the deep state in the past two plus years have to be chalked up as a bomb. Now. Some of you might disagree. It's a rush. They have inflicted. Great damage. I'm not denying that. But the primary objective they had because as you know, there wasn't any collusion. Trump has not committed any crimes any impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors. They were trying to create all of that. They have been trying to create circumstances where Trump supporters would get fed up and tired and abandoned him they haven't and they won't I told you. And the reason I know this forty eight percent Rasmussen numbers true is CNN yesterday released their number and Trump is at forty four number. And remember we play the audio sound bite of the anchor at info babe, poppy Harlow expressing complete frustration at it. I don't know how this number can be. She said they're all sitting there thinking every day a number of different things. They're going to find the smoking gun the Trump colluded with Russia or that they can say Trump colluded or they're going to succeed in driving his approval numbers down to the point that nobody will defend any has to go and they are bombing out. And and when you add on the other side of this the mistakes, they're making that are demonstrating what abortion really is. And what their tax policy really is. Now, we still have a big job, and we still have to inform as many Americans as possible drive bys are not for example, going to tell anybody what Andrew Cuomo is done. They're not gonna tell anybody how he stepped in it big time. How he is eating. What have you shoes right now? They're not going to report them, but we will. And we'll put it in context. Making understandable, the drive bys are doing everything they can to avoid covering what happened in the New York. State Senate New York legislature on abortion post birth and they're working overtime to cover up. The real problem with Ralph northern the real problem with northern is not this black face business. It's an embarrassment. The Democrats how can they how can they not force? This guy out when they forced the Covington kids out of the Catholic church because of what they supposedly did. So literally hypocrisy there. Enor- them. I guarantee you where northern northern is sitting there saying in a lot of Democrats. You mean to tell me because if something happened in my yearbook way back when Ron dressed up like Amos, and Andy or whatever it is. I gotta quit. Well, Donald Trump didn't have quit. Donald Trump survived the access Hollywood video Donald Trump survived. Stormy daniels. Donald why should I quit if he didn't? That's what Northerns telling himself, and that's what his supporters are telling themselves, and they're all saying if we could just hang onto a media gets bored. Hang on for four or five days when we can survive this. Now, the Lieutenant governor this Justin Fairfax, the Washington Post took out after this guy because there's a woman from Stanford California, not far from where Christine ballsy Ford works and lives the claims that this guy sexually assaulted her longtime ago, he's denying it left. And right. The Washington posted a story supporting the woman, Justin Fairfax democrat in good standing cannot understand. Why a drive by media outlets would oppose him the development on? This is today. The woman in the Justin. Fairfax case has hired the legal team of Christine ballsy Ford to go prosecute the guy. They've hired everybody that helped ballsy four tried to take out Brett Kevin. Oh, yeah. This is setting up nicely today. And I don't know if you have heard this. This was just a bleep bleep little brief little news flash. That happened at about ten fifteen today. And let me read it to you in its entirety. US Justice department and homeland security department conclude there was no material impact. From foreign interference on the two thousand eighteen election joint statement to follow. Anybody think after the Democrats win the house that the Russians are going to have had anything to do with it? Of course, there was no Russian interference. When the Democrats win. Of course, there wasn't any collusion when the Democrats win and notice they put the statement out here Justice department, which would include the FBI and homeland security granted Trump's executive departments executive branch cabinet level areas. But they're putting out the statement that. They've looked. They looked really hard. They went and they talked to Muller they've talked to Weisman. They've talked all these investing any evidence the Russians tried to tamper with the twenty eighth. Nope. Nope. Not a shred. In fact. Not a shred not even a suspicion. Not even down there with Brenda Sykes, not one bit of concern about the Russians interfering. Materially or impacting? The two thousand eighteen election. Somebody sent me this after I had seen it. Then man, I'm convinced that they miss read it and saw two thousand sixteen when it says two thousand eighteen. So I. I wrote back. I said, no, no, no. This is two thousand eighteen in. What do you think that they're going to be running around saying the election was fraudulent after the Democrats win it? Beijing how the Russians after so wildly succeeding in two thousand sixteen. I mean, look what they did. Thank god. Donald Trump elected president. Look at how they outsmarted the smartest of the smart in the Washington and New York deep state, they were so successful. They were so amazingly deeply able to penetrate the American electoral system that they just didn't even try two years later, isn't that amazing? But that is what they are asking us to believe. I wanna hear I want you to hear a couple of things audio soundbites forget to the state of the union and Andrew Kumo and latest Ralph northern and everything but a couple of soundbites grabs sound bite number number. Oh, grabs number number one. I there's a there's a new fifteen minute video that the lawyers for the Covington kids ever sampled, and they are serious. These people are have absentee letters of notification of potential lawsuits to name members of the drive by media. Everybody at CNN that reported on this and lied about it same thing reporters wherever they are FOX NBC. They're named and the networks themselves. Warning them that if they don't apologize and make this right that they're going to be targeted for a massive, defamation and slander lawsuit because of what they did to the comington kids and in the process of trying to get an apology out of it networks, they've they've put together a fifteen minute video that has everything in order chronologically, and what really happened and very simply it's this. The Congressional Black Israelites were out there trashing the kids they were accusing half of being gay abra accusing them of being racist. Pigs they they accused them of being future school shooters. The kids were ignoring the kids didn't say a word the kids were having fun. The kids in order to rebut that then start their school cheer with permission from their chaperones about this time this charlatan. Aging decrepit Indian protests are nascent Nathan Phillips grabs his wardrobe and grabs his band of protesters and decides to approach the kids. Now, the kids think that they're coming up beating the war, drums chant. Maybe the kids think some allies are coming because it is patently obvious who the instigators in this arts are Congressional Black Israelites, Hebrew, Islam whatever, but Nathan Phillips comes up, and he starts lying on camera that the kids were the ones shouting the racist invective that they were doing the Tomahawk chop to intimidate the Indians. And it was the Congressional Black Israelites doing everything. Nathan Phillips has been exposed as a total liar in fraud. In this fifteen minute video, but I just want to play for you a few seconds of it. I'm watching it and something struck we just made me laugh. I know I'm odd. And I know things that make me laugh make other people get clenched fist serious and mad. It's only fifteen seconds. And there's a lot of noise. I'm going to have to play this probably two times in hear it all. The Congressional Black Israelites are shouting at the kids. And the first voice you hear will be the leader. And there's only four these guys only four Congressional Black Israelites. There's only four of them there on this video at the time. And they start condemning the kids. And and others. And then you hear the kids. This is what I find funny. React to it. And then the rational black Israelites come back with another insult and the kids react again. Now here is just fifteen seconds. And maybe you can spot. Why this amused me?.

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