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Everything in australia scares me right. The prize of magpie fucking like like toys poisonous the biggest spider. That's humanly possible. Yeah video in australia. And i was just like why. Why would you live there. My whole file would be. I'm just raising money to get the fuck out Australia that was how care dot. The phrase was mandingo h. baby. Australia is larry spike andrew. If either way yeah well yeah hear it on the show own. Need your baby. He was like no care. That's not the phrase it's now it doesn't mean bogan held on mandingo vaccinated mask coming. He got his co. Eat this baby wrong. Let's get into this news on fucking black people roku these been a while. Swat swat food nap portable black people's gay we go all around the glow finding articles. Make us feel fucked with and we'll sign point scores from zero to one hundred intervals of twenty five. Today's contestants everybody let's get to the first one We'll just one of these. Like i said for time allen west. The former texas republican party chairman said an instagram video. Saturday that his wife had not been drinking when she was arrested on suspicion of. Dwi well what could she possibly been arrested for us. Since we don't believe in you know police arrested people for just being black that that never happened so what could be. It was a friday night. Traffic's job that lead to the arrest of angela west who was married to texas. Gop candidate for governor allen. West biggest shock was black wife. Nobody saw coming also to blood was like no good races like no black woman dealing with dish it at home. It's like no apparently one is mart it just before nine pm friday night. They stopped angela. West for a traffic violation.

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