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Yeah so i'm gonna go with vida i think they sure up their defensive line they could also be in play for a guy like marcus davenport ooh but i think they're going to go it's an interesting idea evita and jonathan allen on the same d line would be a lot of fun yeah i mean they loved him last year and they pulled the trigger on it so why not do it again this you like it okay fourteen green bay again we're in a weird spot i think green bay's biggest needs are ed rusher corner and then i think they actually have to get better wide receiver but you just put a name on my head and now i can't stop thinking about marcus davenport to give them an edge rusher show it would be very good pairing there right and lacquers fans should be very welcome pegase fans yes we will come to lambo drink your beer in eight your cheese kurds actually she's just all actually be a great stick to football weekend now when we should put that on our we should put it's like hm but i've never been to green bay so we should definitely do that all right europe the cardinals no team needs a quarterback and yes you're reaching for lamar jackson sorry no i'm not gonna pull the i'm not going to pull the trigger on a quarterback again here even though the cardinals probably really hope they get one here i'm going to go with corner and i'm going to go with my guy jest josh jackson of loved him since honestly like midway through the season i won't say that i've been on him all year but he's a guy that i watch play he's taller he's physical now he'd kind of fits in with what the cardinals will physical defender i like that pairing a lot it's not a pick that i think i've ever made in a mock draft i tend to have them going.

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