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On Katie tell you when are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station. It's management or Beasley Media Group. From Washington to Wall Street and covering the World. America's first news with that Ray is on the air. And good Wednesday morning, America's first news continues. It's the 10th day of March six minutes past the hour and Congress is toys to approve a landmark $1.9 trillion covert 19 relief bill. Placing President Biden on the cusp of an early legislative victory that advances Democratic priorities over House and Senate Republican opposition to the package they say, is crammed with liberal policies. GOP Senator Pat Toomey Calling the bill embarrassing. This is this is an embarrassment, and it's a disaster. Every every big piece of it and most of the little ones, state and local government, for instance, $350 billion. You realize that in 2020, state and local governments in the aggregate collected More revenue than ever before, And that's not counting the $500 billion. We sent them last year. Now we're told we have to send them yet Another 350 billion. We hear that $130 billion so schools can open. Except that there's no requirement that school's open and only six billion of it is gonna be spent this year. The other 122 billion is gonna be spent in years into the future. There's reparations for minority farmers and ranches, irrespective of Income or wealth. There's money for the National Endowment for the Arts, and there's air marks of all kinds. It's a disaster. That audio courtesy of CNBC Democratic representative Tim Ryan, exploding on the House floor, while Congress had voted on the relief bill, accusing Republicans of Being obsessed with Dr Seuss enterprises, canceling its own brand over the health of the American public, Mr Speaker, one of the earlier speakers said. This is the most dramatic change and labor law and 80 years and I say thank God In the late seventies, A CEO made 35 times the worker today It's three the 400 times, the worker and our friends on the other side. Running around with their hair on fire. Heaven forbid, we passed something that's gonna help the dam workers in the United States of America. Heaven.

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