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Everyone. This is Rachel vindman, and I am on the final stop of my troublemaker tour. I am sitting at a kitchen table in chalfont, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philadelphia. And I'm joined by two women who know all too well how bad things have gotten here in bucks county. So Tracy and Jamie, in case you introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about you. Hi, Rachel. I'm Tracy suits. I am a former school board member and school board president in the central school district. I ran in 2017 and served a four year term until 2021. I did not seek reelection, but governed through the pandemic. I have three kids who were in the central box school district when I was on the board there and have been kind of running the age range through all of the schools and fighting through the things we fight through. Jamie? Hello, hello. My name is Jamie Davis. I am a 35 year old black queen raising a black son. I recently ran for school board last year, currently I'm working from home, my son is 11. Just running around being a mom. I love it. Shout out to moms of 11 year olds. Between life is real. So we're just gonna jump into it here. Bucks county is unfortunately a bit infamous for having extremists on the school boards. I won't hold it against you personally. I know you've both done a lot to work on that and to counterbalance it, but we actually interviewed a mom on the podcast a few weeks ago who told us about Paul martino. I am very curious about that. He's a venture capitalist, I understand who poured half a $1 million into getting extremist on school boards across Pennsylvania. Tracy, you were a school board president until 2021. So could you tell us a little bit more about Paul and the influence of what he's doing? Yeah, I actually had never heard of Paul martino even though I had been on the school board and he has children in the district. I'd never heard of him at all until late in 2020 when he started a series of town halls in central box specifically to talk about pandemic response. And his platform was basically candidates who want schools to be open. Even though our schools were open, our schools were 100% open, his platform was, I will give money to any candidates who agree and want schools to be open. That happened to align mostly with Republican candidates and he offered $10,000 to any candidate who would run under that assumption. That attracted a lot of more extreme and what I would say even radicalized candidates throughout the county and that offer of 10,000 per candidate was across the state, which is where that half $1 million comes from. That's just so disturbing that one person could skew take things completely out of context, but have so much influence. Jamie, you ran for school board and palisade school district, which is also here in bucks county. What made you decide to run? And what was your experience like when you did run?

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