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Well i guess the fact that mccrackin got let go of you're trying to connect dots that would seem to lead us directly to dorsey or at least tie in some how do you think that that's a fair critique mark i mean we've seen tom paul sarah and other people have said that clarke was frustrated with them not getting those deals done earlier and then felt like it cost them on the back end i guess i'm wondering if that's a fair critique or if that's firebombing the guy was trying to be judicious before he doled out a lot of money i i mean the dangerous precedent to set well i i don't think it's i think it's a very dangerous precedent to set to your point and i think the different schools alexander ever had and if you do the contract situations there i you know i know where he came up through green bay the was never in that women's involvement of what's going on to the contract all handles the contracts to repay i'm sure that obviously brian murphy or mr murphy does there but i don't think that was a ted thompson it'll video was a you know a a sermon john dorsey so thickly walk the kansas city i think he'd department alive vet said this is over here the salary cap and i'm over here in the scottish and i think probably what happens again i'm speculating is maybe he never learned enough about the salary cap and became a very big blind spots for and then these contracts didn't play out the way he was hoping they would and i think maybe clark hunt possibly got frustrated and said i don't understand venture xiv years and the captors have been managed well and you oversee the football aspects of the team and not work in the way it should have i again pure speculation but i could see how it could go down that road where you think somebody's in charge of its and people aren't liking what's going on and you've never taking the time to learn that area and now becomes a reason why ownership gets frustrated to i think that's a possible.

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