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This is why I tell you repeatedly put my phone number in your phone, but I never thought I would call. I know That's what the best callers are People who never thought they would call, but now they have to call because they have to tell this story. It's like a confession. And that's going to happen. There's going to be something I'm going to say at some point that you may not be able to get in. But you're going to desperately want to tell your story because I'm gonna tell story about somebody who had their second toe amputated. And you're going to go well, That's me, and you're going to want to call in and tell, But you can't remember the phone line to take out your phone right now and put in the phone number. Put it as Michael Barry. 713 2125874 713 21258747132125874 now save it as Michael Barry, if you're old and you don't know how to do all that dial that number. It will rain for second and hang up because you're going to waste our phone lance bass and then ask your grandkids. Hey, that number to one tone. That's Michael Barry's number. Can you put that as Michael Berry on my phone, and then you got it? Then there's the black line. For some reason. Some people don't seem to understand this. You have to be black to call it in the black line. Otherwise, it's race appropriation, cultural approach appropriation. The Black Line for blacks, 713 212 47 40. 713 to 1 to 47 40. And, of course, the Spanish line for Latinos. Schettino trace those one of those No tenemos un numero Got it. All right. So now it's him. We're going to go to your calls Your clever thing you did, but before we go there I was talking earlier about knowing every teacher you had Chat said. I know every teacher I had here is my elementary teachers. Chad Nakanishi. He's right. Here's my elementary school teachers. Camera. Yoshida Kadota, Cala chica. Kojiro your Yoshizumi, Yoshizumi and Takemoto. Do you notice a little theme? And then he sent me a bit by a guy named rap rep Linger who, apparently quite big in Hawaii, and I think he obviously had an appreciation for the Japanese American culture there. Here's that honey meters. Yeah. Hold it there. Hold it there. Okay..

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