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I witnessed to this man falling did you think it was important to go over into the police what you saw at the time no sir i didn't wanna i wanna talk to the police not in the video deposition you see shamikh look the lawyer for the police department in disbelief her eyes wide as if she's saying are you serious didn't want this whole tone it coulda did me to say away they did so you were frayed to talk to the police because they would throw you over the wall to the highway below what they made me start back to the cop with the red hat that chamisa mentioned at yonah showed photos the police had taken won't you to go through the pige owes one hundred time tell us if you recognize any of the people there that was around the fans that day nasdaq was that that's the one was chasing xuejuan chosen jay the officer should make a summer's circled was jared freed abby ona hadn't named him in the lawsuit because his name wasn't in the police report the cups who were named in the report where officer raymond howard an officer dwayne green so what did they say in their depositions abiotic question green i in the report he's the one who chased j to the fence do ever but to in any way shape or form regarding an incident at the route forty overpass on august two thousand so yes upon hearing the suit drove on the highway in the event that he was going to recede run on highway green said he didn't chase j he wasn't even at the fence that same day officer raymond howard gave a deposition he's the officer who wrote inside the incident report in preparing your report.

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