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To start eleven to ninety nine three W. ET L. dot com station hi Mike Doyle in the W. B. T. news center John Bolton whose revelations in a new book of royal the trump Senate impeachment hearing is very timely speaking engagement coming up in North Carolina the president's former national security adviser will speak at Duke university's page auditorium on February seventeenth courting to a news release today from the school says bald will talk about current threats to national security in the Senate Democrats want pulled the testifies potential I witness to actions with Ukraine that are at the heart of the impeachment charges against president trump minority leader Chuck Schumer today says he needs some GOP help to make that happen my Republican colleagues vote with us to subpoena relevant witnesses and documents there's no reason for a protracted trial despite pleas from trump's defense team for two ends now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly has privately told senators he does not yet have the votes to brush back democratic demands for new witnesses some deliveries might be a little late after an Amazon truck lost its load along I seventy seven in Iredell county this morning the contents scattered all over the area south of St fell after the truck was involved in an accident that tore a large hole in the side of the trailer apparently after it fell onto its side the accident caused hours a traffic delays today but it's already three opened all of the lanes shortly after a one o'clock this afternoon I understand this news brought to you by QC kinetics address the root cause of your joint pain no more bandaids long term results Q. systematics dot com update now from boomer and I guess that's a correct those lanes all open now had to St phila okay wait let me let me let me turn you on their big thank you Sir yes Sir Hey is all clear on seventy seven year mark is seventy seven north bound and Ardell county backed off posted speed no delays looking great around exit forty five evidence that nor Charlotte the plaza near Milton road echo creek drive to the west on will cause the Boulevard it bore your story that and southeast Charlie collision Wendover road at rand off and that that's the disabled vehicle actually on northbound went over at rand off in a collision Pineville Matthews road at failed lane Rumer vying cannon WBTW for American Airlines Charlotte's primary Kerrier suspended Los Angeles flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing has efforts grow to contain.

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