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It's our weekly live video broadcast and chat this week. I'm going to be live on location from a new experience. Coming to the orlando area. That i am personally very very excited about. If you go to the clubhouse all reveal exactly where. I'm going to be but this wednesday. I'm actually gonna be live starting at seven pm eastern on facebook only not on youtube this week only on facebook live so please make sure you like the ww radio page on facebook and turn on notifications by going to facebook dot com slash ww radio speaking of our community more like our family. I wanna thanks for the new and longtime members of the wwf. I appreciate your support. Your love your friendship and helping. I love being able to be able to get back to you each and every week or some new and longtime members like matt mills. Chris aller just david james deserve long longtime friend holly robinson and millie mindy grolig. If you want to find out how you can help the show for as little as a dollar. 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Ww radio show is a shining light in world that can be dim lose energetic enthusiast and exciting his love for the place so many call home is contagious and can be a perfect thing to tide you over until the next trip to walt disneyworld. I've been a listener for five years. Thank you and lewis. Taught me so much about the parks resorts in property than just a podcast about walt disneyworld. It's also a place to be reminded to choose good lewis to sing that. He lives it and inspires listener to choose the good and make a difference. The podcast has meant more to me than ever ever know and in times of peril and desperation has upbeat. Optimism is reminded me that there's so much more to live for and that's a purpose. Thank you. I appreciate you dolly fangio. That means a lot to me. And i appreciate you more than you know. Wow man seriously thank you for that. You made my day and hopefully this show is helped to make your day and your week a little bit brighter and better and happier and maybe it does inspire you or a smile on your face when you really need it and that it does hopefully prompt you and inspire you to choose the good. Find the good in everything that you do and be the good to other people's well it's up to you to help. Sort of spread that positivity around. And if there's any way that i can help you or repay you for your kindness and your friendship please. Please let me know that you enjoy this week. show. I hope to see you this wednesday night on. Wwl live and this week in the conversations in the clubhouse. I love you. I appreciate you so until next time. Co hey this is. Jim smith calling from hanover math. I just got home from my first cova vaccines dot and the fifteen minutes that they they ask you to stay there after your thoughts. Make sure you're feeling well. Thankfully i am. I took that fifteen minutes to reflect on The last year or so and one thing that keeps coming up is the the the positivity and the The the good feelings that come out of your show and out of our clubhouse All the wonderful people that have grown to live here along with me and And and have fun with you. Every week is something that That did give me something to look forward to every week. And i very much enjoyed that Appreciate all that you give us. And i also appreciate all that. Everyone in. The group gives to each other Apart of off the clubhouse. Obviously i'm a part of the The running team recently. I'm part of the spoiler support group. And then they're all they're all great fun and they all have their own unique personalities. And then i'm happy and proud to be a piece of each one of them so keep up the good work lou. Thank you for making everyone's day just a little bit better and God bless take care and hope to see you this. Is darlene nagy armley. Oh west seneca. New york and i am a marathon runner now. I am so excited to say hello to everyone who's new to the clubhouse and hope you are having a wonderful day. We are at the davenport her show right now and having a blast friend of mine is in it. He's got a chevy male laboon. That's really cool looking..

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