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A million ago we were trying to rent a movie just like a friday night. We'd gone out to blockbuster member. Yeah and my in laws. Were in town and jack wanted to rent rounders. Which is a movie with. Ed norton and matt damon about poker-playing and phyllis was not going to have that at all. His wife said no way and he said you understand. This is a movie about russian ballerinas who defect to new york so that they can dance ballet company. And so phyllis was like okay. That's for me. I want to watch this movie. And so. Philip sat down and she watched the entire movie. I don't know if you've seen rounders but it's rough it's rough it's gritty it's down. It's dirty ed. Norton makes you want to shoot him. Oh my goodness i mean. You just can't stand this guy okay. John malkovich is a complete dick in this movie. It's terrible and then finishes and it's over. And i remember any second now. Phyllis gore's the ballet and we're like two hours into this thing in any second movie finished in phyllis as it was really good she forgot. I guess back back up once. The ballerinas never once brought about john. Jack we all need to take less on how.

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