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I'm great. How are you precious. D all right. Have you seen space jam. A new legacy. I think is the title. No i haven't but i really want to. I'm super excited. Especially because the original space channel. I was like four or five when it came out and so it was like a big deal in my little baby life. The key demographic but was so it was a. I'm really excited to see the new one. There are people of a certain age. You give a shit about that movie. Have a lot of big shits about that movie. Thank maybe also. Lola bunny may have been a sexual awakening for many people Yeah i mean. I have nothing nice to say so. I won't say anything at all except a halo wink. I mentioned it because king kong makes an appearance. Oh really in the new one they throw all kinds of warner stuff in there so it is certainly a jam but it is not a space jam. Cyberspace counts as space. But no one says the word cyberspace at any point but that is in fact where it takes place really by the time. This episode comes out We're already have been out for several weeks. But yeah and i will have seen it. It's on the hbo you have access to it. Nice perfect while. I am super super excited to watch it. I am the give shit about that movie. I also have a friend who's like a basketball person and is like fuck that movie because bla-bla-bla whoever the sports ball guy playing the guy is he is no michael jordan. He could never. And i'm like no not kobe bryant kobe. Bryant's the guy who died but this guy is james. Look lebron sorry. Kobe bryant is the rapist who died rapist google. It oh my okay that fuck. Kobe bryant i. I'm not a basketball guy. But yes lebron king james is the guy that is in this movie he is not a rapist. As far as i am aware nor is right. yeah. I know nothing about any sports ball or the people involved. Really you know i. Just don't it's not. It's not something it is not important is not my thing either though Anyway godzilla. I was so frigging excite. Ed yeah i did. Enjoy it There was things there was a lot of things going on that..

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