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Toni <hes> he's living in somalia and he organized a ride for me. He organized a shed taxi to go out of somalia and back into djibouti but as i told you earlier no share taxi in africa will leave until it's full but i was the first aspect in there because tony and organized to sit in front the best seat the passenger seat and then a lady comes on sorry shotgun just gone yeah ah you know and then the lady came and she she went back in the back seat guy went into the back seat waiting for the last passenger passenger and finally this guy literally younger than me with a huge knife in his belt comes over he opens my door and he grabs me by my color and tries to pull me out but of course this this. This really makes tony mad because hey come on. He's given me the ride. He's giving me shotgun so they have a really huge verbal fight over blah blah. It's about losing face and everything and he's giving me this season. You know as indian de tony. He was bigger and verse. He wins an indian this other guy with a big knife. He ends up just behind me. I would have been happy to give up my seat but suddenly as this turn into a huge fight and losing face and all the rest of it losing standing in society or whatever in heike. I couldn't just give up my seat that tony over yeah so we were this close suffice but yeah tony sosa of prevents about but i was i was leaning forward. I was just waiting literally right. I mean yeah. It must have been nerve wracking. I can drive for you after awhile. Maybe settled in a little bit but didn't rubbed ones that was in gabon on the west. Let's go south africa nearby salads woman zipper. We talked about earlier and i was walking in the middle of the road on the main street. It was fairly well. Listen it was almost almost midnights and suddenly two guys dumped. They dumped me and manage to to you know push me pull me. They have a taser gun. You know get me into too dark side. I i've been thinking about this if i'm ever going to be robbed. I'm just going to give up everything you know. I'm not here to die treasure life and all the rest of it but it's it's my instinct told me otherwise so i started fighting back and i'm never been a strong in my life due to adrenaline cake or whatever and as i fought these two guys and modernised honest to drag them back into the lights of the main streets and <hes> then when they were in the street and they lied again they ran away managed to steal my my phone and my my shirt was totally ripped and i was very shaken and it was so stupid you know if they had a knife or or a real gun i would probably not have been here and even then you know. I've been thinking about this for for for a little bit. You know many many times uh-huh you know attacks. I should just give up everything right. It's not it's not worth losing life or dollars any waller's fine until i fought very super but i mean it's yeah it's easy to say it's easy to think about those things when you're kicking back at home or whatever you're in your guest house whatever ever but then when it goes down on the how you're gonna react right up but you have been to every country in the world two times four times <hes> the only two fed and i mean maybe not the knife incident but certainly the robbing can happen at home true. I mean gene. We're in norway in oslo is very safe country and we're my wife used to live her friends walked out of pearl department and got robbed right outside of role department hit on the head and robbed and all that can happen any can happen yeah. That's how has all this traveling changed your relationship to your home country of norway very interesting to see your home country from a different perspective so we are both the united states a new way are within what i call call the western bubble and to see the western bubble from the outside and to realize that you <hes> because most people know about the united states but no i a lot of people don't even i've never heard about a new way and probably had about europe. That's not necessarily bad your country and it's like wow regardless. That's where you're from. You might be from rhonda or burundi or you might be from katie baths or powder gu. I wherever on you will you will consider your village. Your town on your country asked the center of the universe. That's just the way it is. That's where you bone. That's where you race home. When you grow up that's what you know and you will look at everything in the world from that perspective and realizing that made me think that lau so new walt norway's not the center of the universe this they haven't even heard about the country. They know nothing about it. They might think it's village or town or or you know same way. Some of the countries you've mentioned today we haven't heard about and those people that are thinking the same thing exactly <hes> it's it's really eye opening thing and it's it's very humbling in many ways to to realize that you know of course they look on themselves that their country their culture the religion their faith whatever us the right way or the best way whatever and i'm not a position. I don't think anyone is in positions as i oh my ways better or my religion is best for my cultures better. Mike food is better in might be might not be. It's different for sure. Let's just leave it at that. It's different right and then if you think about it okay well you might not agree but here at least you know be be humble enough to let them speak and explain nine that might actually open up some doors might give you some new ideas and might make you understand might make you think differently and then you take that back home. I'm anne you think about it and you might learn a hell of a lot you will learn a lot and that's one of the beauties of travel i once i was interviewed by norwegian newspaper by one of the biggest in norway and one of the things i said is that no travel is the best education and world and then i was approached by a high school student here annoy and she l. stiffs. You can have a cup of coffee with me at work invited her to to the county not broadcasting and you know and she said well. I read that into a and i totally agree. The travel is the best education in the world so when i finish high school i'm just going to travel. I'm never going to college and oh no no no. That's not exactly what i meant. Please please please go have education just travel as well yeah yeah so that was clearly misinterpreted very willingly. Hey from oregon's okay what happens if you're listening to check in when you're exposed to all these different cultures as an ideas and perspectives and things then you come back to your own culture. Have you found it at times like harder to fit in or has it always been like a seamless transition just to come back from some grand things that you've done and just kind of slip right back into it or is it like. Is it like slipping back into something that's unfamiliar. You're in the get familiar with it again. Like what is that like for. You know i mean this is my home. This is where i have my family. I've lost my friends here. Of course i often meet new friends but still this is what i'm used to at the same time it gives me pause different perspective. I everything in perspective and that's really valuable. It makes me think in different ways when i'm back home and i really like it at home. I really enjoy new way as a country little bits. It's a annoying some of the people here you know. Everybody can say that about their own country worry. I don't know where to to shy. Maybe but at the same time i do enjoy norway a new way and i'm very restless best and lots of energy. I know you're not guy right now. You're traveling around the girl twice every country sometimes after week or two weeks or months they also like oh. I have to go somewhere and it's not because i don't like it. Here is because i hate my friends or my family. It's it's because it gives me so much to to see the world through different glasses if you like to experience different cultures and try different foods and even if i if i've been to places before then you notice you notice new things changes right and sometimes you know there are no changes might be subtle thing in the atmosphere might happy new buildings very physical things. You might not so been nine years since i've been here. They've really started. You know it's really started improving. Hey no let's poor. People no slums anymore perhaps and so on so usually you see positive changes and of course you you met people before so you come back and me re revisit them so i was really valuable to to have have friends in so many countries around the world yeah this this area we're in right now toy and is an example of that. It's changed a lot over the years. I've found like just really yeah. Neighborhood's changed cities are was evolving but i think we can tend to just let's get back to a physical place like our hometown or something and just always think of it as the same because we spent our childhood there say for example but it's of course it's not the same place. It's twenty years his older older forty years over whatever the case is so. It's a it's a different place but i think i think so much travel helps. You see that a little bit differently. You mentioned norwegians being shy. What is it about that that bums you out. Donald bummed out about that. I mean by that the antelope over thing we were talking about that a little bit before the interview. Is that what you're talking about or area. I'm not bummed. Isobars is more like jokingly but yeah we are being perceived achieved by lots of people abroad as being aggressive or not. Maybe not aggressive but arrogance were if we don't know people we don't we don't tend to say hello version of politeness though right from what i understand slight not bothering people it's kind of like you're being polite and stay out of the way the way that's that's the way we're thinking about it. We're not it's not like a bad intention. No no about into now. That's what i'm saying when people are complaining but he region but you're not so arrogant oregon and i said no no no we're not. We're you know we're just trying to say is you way back makes us lose out on so much because we don't meet people you know. We don't don't have that welcoming small very often. Unfortunately to people and that is so sad. I mean it's totally free smile and his show to study have no bad intentions. You know you're you're here in peace and people should smile more and say hello yeah doesn't mean that you know you're gonna talk to someone someone for an hour but it's.

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