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When you start to ask the question unfolds. The fabric of space itself. How it's made. What is it made of not alone in this universe. We never have been alien. Intelligences have cohabited with us on this planet millions of years. We inherited live session from the under. Not anyone that's still things that we're the ones that are obsessed with gold does not know enough about the truth tree of species how we came to be and the conditions that brought us here. We are not unique in this universe except two issues to which we offer to say the copies of them. A all right. we're back. I'm tony suite with Routh blumenthal and next week is going to be contacting the desert. Yes it is online. It's virtual this year but you should get your tickets today because they're going to go out fast and we hope you'll enjoy next week's speakers i mean there's tons of them have Let me just see if. I think i have a picture. There's just a few. Not only ralph but george noory nick. Pope linda mon how the list goes on. And on and on and ralph. You're gonna be there. You're going to be debt getting more in-depth on what we're talking about today and I mean how are you going to do some presentations pictures. I mean what's what's going to. What are you gonna show. I'm basically going to be talking about john. Mack gave you sort of flavor of it right a lot of the people. They will know who. John mack right. You know what hopefully i'll tell stories. People haven't heard before and talk about his life and how he really pointed the way Very courageously for a harvard psychiatrist in take on a subject like this and then that'll be called in the footsteps of john mac and then i'll be doing a workshop a cold I forgot what the election might be called impossible yet. True Have a quote. Abduction of john mack. Because he was never abducted but he was abducted by the The topic brag point. I wanna make in. The workshop is in the footsteps of john mack. Okay that's the word traffic possibly true anyway. the idea in the workshop would be to talk about it as an author approaching the subject. And how do you get your arms around the thing like this especially for new york times reporter Spent his whole career investigating very You know earthbound subjects sunday. I'm off on ufo's and alien abduction but it's the same process. You collect the facts. He stay out of the way. Let the facts speak for themselves and until the story so i'm really looking forward to this conference. Even though it is unfortunate virtual it will be alive q. and a. Well that's great ask questions. I can respond. I love it. And i love the let the we were talking that you know i. I'm a person. I like the feed off the crowd. I like the like the live aspect. I loved the see face to face to face with people. And i'm sure you do too Especially the enthusiasm of people that earn the same. Same right in mind as you you know. Ufo's and aliens and all that good stuff so so. Get your tickets The the lectures included in the in the past but the workshop is additional. But it's going to be well worth it Like you said there's going to be stories that he's gonna tell that you won't get a here here In other i'm sure other interviews that he's been on but Well i'm curious. You had access to through his family his his case files and stuff but did you ever get a chance to speak with some of his patients. I did actually quite a few of them. great and And some people didn't actually see john by the way he couldn't not nobody could decide whether these were patients are subjects not because A patient really has something would have right right and johnson did nothing wrong with these people accept that they had this traumatic experience. So it's not like there was suffering. You know some ailments So they're not really patients and and he was also researching a cases so in a way they were research subjects But there were a little a both What one good. Example is A woman who's known to us now as lyndon napolitano Who was the subject of a whole book by budd hopkins called witnessed because as she was seen by some witnesses Levitating own being flown out of her eleven fine over the brooklyn bridge by three beings into a spacecraft that flew off and plunged into the east river And this happened. I believe in nineteen eighty nine. According to a story. That but hopkins toll. So i had the chance to interview her about her experience She's a very otherwise normal for with a great story and Able to tell it herself very lucidly And it. It's a famous case. Probably one of the most famous cases in the annals of alien counters The one thing of problem with the case was that but hopkins never could identify the two witnesses who came forward in the first Security guards apparently for vip who was later identified as secretary general of the united nations of ours who supposedly witnessed this as well. He died just last year at one hundred And never really talked about it right although he was offered the chance but anyway i've talked to linda at great length And randy nicholson. Who is one of You know john's i Experiencers and a whole bunch of others car in austin who Joined up with john later in his life and helped him run his household and became very outspoken. She reached out to laurance. Rockefeller know a benefactor of.

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