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Working, make take frequent breaks and in the shade or air conditioned environment even if. You aren't doing outside work just hanging around the hanging around outside can result in some dangerous conditions because heat indices again, will. Be, near one hundred degrees. Around the area even hotter in a few spots and. That means for us heat exhaustion heat stroke is a definite factor that we have to consider as we go about our businesses not only. Monday afternoon and evening but. Also Tuesday, as well. So got a couple. Of. Hot days ahead of us And then warmth summer like weather we'll continue Wednesday Thursday Friday not as hot but, still temperatures in the mid to. Upper eighties all right so, that thing. Is I'll just have to drink a lot of Gatorade and water before I've cut my grass, needs help Mike I'll have to, do something this morning yeah. Everybody's gonna need a little bit of something I think Thanks Mike CBS news time twelve thirty two zero. One way to cool off is. To dip into a freezer. And speaking of on Manhattan's Upper West side the reaction, from regulars hearing the story of. Sarah Beth's, restaurant I mean what and here is the story, when workers went into the freezer, Sunday morning they, found, a, guy there they, didn't know who he was grabbed a knife and. He started. To attack them every aspect of it is shocking that would be shocking enough but after they knocked the knife out of. His, hand he said he needed an ambulance. One, came he later died in the hospital home. My gosh Police aren't sharing or don't know many other details except that the dead man was fifty four years old Sarah Beth's restaurants about system as long as I can, remember in this neighborhood I'm living in this neighborhood thirty three, years or something there is no indication. That was associated with the restaurant in any way other than he had been in the freezer on the Upper West side Mike. Sugarman WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty, and around four yesterday. Afternoon police say a family from Oklahoma were walking around south, street around seaport Dover street cross street there, when they spotted a dead eight month old boy floating in. Shallow water, Sunday afternoon near the Brooklyn Bridge. And Manhattan unamed had inside one of the, relatives jumped in the water. To pull the baby to shore while the others got two cops an officer came. And got the baby out of. The water no parent around. No signs of trauma the New York City medical examiner's, office will not try and figure. How the. Baby died while the NYPD looks for the parents Some officials in New York and New Jersey starting to get concerned that they're voting systems are not up to snuff and preventing hacking and so. They requested money on the federal level not getting it a recent, report released by Democrats in the house of representatives put New Jersey in the top five states with election systems most vulnerable to hacking New Jersey attorney general Kirby or gray wall in nineteen of his counterparts from other states signed onto a letter asking congress for some more funding to help make sure election systems are secure for the midterms, the issue was discussed at a recent house oversight and government, reform committee meeting where New York congresswoman. Carolyn Maloney also wanted to see some more assistance to avoid a repeat of two thousand sixteen we have been asking for it Ever since the election to find. Out what happened with the tampering of trying to, interfere and prevent people from having their vote committee chairman Trey Goudy of South Carolina acknowledged they're still danger lurking but he says those decisions should be made behind closed doors to avoid tipping off adversaries it's where the Senate intelligence committee is currently and they will issue a, report there was no vote on the additional funding in that meeting the Senate also recently voted. Down a plan to give out more funding Steve burns WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty President Trump said on, Twitter that is son and advisors met in two thousand sixteen with a Kremlin connected lawyer to. Collect opposition research on Hillary Clinton Before it said this meeting was to talk about a program to adopt Russian children either way the reversal is the latest, edited chapter. From the president and his. Advisors about Russia President Trump continue to attack on the. Special counsels Russia investigation at a campaign rally in Ohio last night prompting around cleanup this morning by his top advisors on face the nation Kellyanne Conway said the president, is, referring, to collusion when he criticizes..

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