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Before. We even opened our doors for business. I decided that Shane company would be the one jeweler in town who would commit to taking care of their customers jewelry for life for free. The reason I was so comfortable and so confident offering a free lifetime warranty was because we designed the jewelry to last a lifetime by having our own design team. And the best jewelers we set the highest standards for construction quality and craftsmanship. And today, we still have the best warranty in the business, which even includes the center stone, we'll clean and inspect your Shane company jewelry at no charge as often as you wish if something happens or looks like it might happen. We'll take care of it for free. Most jewelers high behind the fine print and their warranties at Shane company. There is no fine print. Now, you have a friend in the jewelry business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. Now, a quick comparison from grasshopper when a client calls. What do you want them to hear your personal voicemail? Hey, Greg cell phone. I'm away right now. Obviously leave a message, and maybe I'll get back to you or something a little more buttoned up courtesy of grasshopper. Thanks for calling. Green landscaping to make an appointment. Dial one for billing dial two to speak with Greg. Smith died. There's no contest. Put your best voice forward with grasshopper, the virtual phone system for small business. Try it free at grasshopper dot com. Lots of investment firms talk about customizing portfolio to your knees. But they may only look at one or two aspects of your financial.

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