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Yeah did you did you. Carol Baskin killed her husband. Yeah Yeah I mean. There's no way to have any sympathy when talking about How he was just gone anything that she's kind of laughing about it so but that hasn't been here hasn't I don't think that right. And then she talked about the sardines on the shoes. She was like if you really wanted to. Tiger eat a Guy. You put sardine juice on the shoes right then. She's laughing about that. I mean I know I if someone who killed their husband with a tiger. That's who knows that I say I mean come on I mean this is just. It's Isis obvious. All right so once once tiger king was over. What did you binge after that money? Oh boomer boomer has been watching money heist right now. So boomers on like what season five of that so Where where are you in the actually season three? I'm in the middle of season three right now. So they're in the second highest. Did you watch the whole thing? Isaiah? Yeah I'm into this and you are We go all right so I thought gee the budget ask him a question about it. But instead I'll pull the ripcord and say goodbye to Isaiah Simmons and listen. Good luck tonight man. We we appreciate the time this morning and it's going to be a special night for you. Best of luck. So thank you all right. There's Isaiah Simmons of another one. You know they're just so careful about what to say they don't want to say anything wrong. They don't WanNa come off controversial and yet kill the music for a second Eddie. Just because I don't want rush anything here but yeah you're right. I mean nobody's saying anything. I mean this slapped the socially distanced. Nfl draft is finally here and you can follow all the action at Bet. Online dot net wondering who will be the first second and third draft pick. Do you know if more offensive or defensive players will be taken in the first round. Have a hunch on how many trades will take place in the first round maybe oddities like how many draftees dogs will be shown during first round coverage before the draft goes live head over to bed online dot net for the latest props lines in the draft home with Ben Online dot net..

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