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Disaster there. Any language barriers here? Like fuck, no, you gotta fuck an ass. Oh my God. I am such a huge fan. This is really. Wow system is my him, ROY, just bursts it happened. Give me a moment to seen from your show. Totally is. Okay. I don't even know where to start. So I've been watching, you know, just mad TV best man, TV, bloopers, parks, recreation. And I was saying you and I have a common hero, Carol Burnett who's coming in a couple of weeks that you make me laugh like that. Like you. I was like, oh my God, some of the scenes, Michael, McDonald's, our beloved, who's done the happy hour. You guys together. Are you really are you're like the Harvey Korman carbonate kind of magic or the their chemistry on the show. Absolutely. Yeah, you hang up there? Yeah, my dog is disembowelling your friend that you brought don't look over there q., that's, you know, it's weird because you're such a cloudy and being seen from Arab learn the scene from airplane is happening right behind you. Dogs disembowelling your friend. I apologize. Anyway, but I know in you're, you sort of famous for that too. Like having that Harvey Korman thing where you could you had to hold back laughter. Oh yeah. And that was legit to was not. It wasn't faked. I didn't want to crack up to. Right. I didn't want that because he is a little, Tim Conway, Mike, we all were, do you know what I mean? We all were, but I'm just unfortunately highly unprofessional. Yes. And susceptible to the evils of those. Like Michael McDonald, who made my say something, though I'm a gay woman, you're a straight woman. You're fucking hot, and here's what I noticed. So this is why you disappeared into your characters because Lorraine and Stuart small, she's hot, not so hot. In some countries Laura's hot. But when you played like Shaquir whereas like was hot. Oh, she's hot. Yeah, yeah. Boy, I didn't. I didn't know even had hot anywhere in me or on me until I did not TV. That is true. I didn't. I was watching the show and like, wow, I'm hot girl show. I'm hot girl sometimes. That's. That's awesome. Okay. I've so many questions. I'm just going to geek out the whole time on care. So the Lorraine. Where did that? She's gonna soda and she is. She's really nelga mation of of Minnesota women, you know the the, the cough always like winter. No, it's not. It's just in Minnesota. There's weird small talk. And so it's almost like her Ulysses to let the other person know that I'm still engaging you in conversation. I'm not, you know. Just to kind of keep it going. I don't know if it was like lactose intolerant of flow. No. Okay. No, you just it's it's their way of still staying in a conversation and proving that they're alive. Yeah. So I'm sure many people share my feeling that the scene at the buffet with McDonald almost made me what myself. So you've got trap like under the sneeze guard and he did the into the sneeze guard? Yeah. So it was that how much was improv and how much was we'll things like this needs guard were definitely written into the script, but ever re single time, Michael, and I did a scene together you your, we would do those script as it was the first pass through, and then we pretty much took the gloves off and it was Michael and mow out there all at war this keep the cameras on, and then good luck to the editors. You got to take this fifteen minutes sketch now and turn it into three c. We were saying what we have us the other day that Trump administration makes us all feel like Stewart rolling. Return. We turn on the TV. No, I love how political you are you. We re tweet all the same people. I don't even know that I'm political. I'm strongly forcefully human. Really, you're anti what? Baby jails, racism. Yeah, I'm anti traders. Anti-nazis humankind mess. But I don't actually like, wow, tickets. Downball. Yeah, I don't think I'm political. I'm literally just talking about things that are right or wrong and what's best for humanity. And if one half the conning, what a fucking hippie Jesus. You didn't tell me. I would look if it happens to be that the mother fucking GOP is the ones that's doing everything buck and wrong complicit mother fuckers. Wow. I'm gonna follow all filthy. Really..

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