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For sun high fifty eight to sixty two tomorrow sixty one or sixty five on Friday I've accu weather meteorologist bill decker news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. all right here's a look at a few of the items we covered in the previous four hours here in the morning show on K. F. B. K. what Hillary Clinton said is making headlines you said that people don't like Bernie Sanders I don't like to be around on like the work we don't want to work with them and it's causing quite a kerfuffle has we like to say every once in awhile here Bernie Sanders responded by saying every once in a while his wife does care for all right and Hillary's also get and flak from Tulsi Gabbard she's filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton over defamation us she says when Hillary called her a Russian assets that that was seven make sure she's suing I thought the this interest did this was interesting segment you did on doctors young doctors who are burning out retiring early there quitting I've had enough the paperwork has become too much they say it's the system is a system that's just grinding them into the ground and these are doctors between the ages of forty and fifty five and it's not necessarily thoroughly their age it's the stage they are in their careers yeah they just early on have had enough they're working too much you know okay so we also talked about the utility coop planned so Sam Accardo out of San Jose the mayor there he's been contacting other mayors around the state asking them Hey we should form these co ops and and you know leave P. genie out in the cold so mares are now looking at ways they can take the energy situation into their own hands not having enough action they feel from the state by the way I'm gonna use that as a transition for tomorrow's show about a book we we've got a local mayor who talks a lot about this they get P. genie in their city right now and they're looking for options what they're going to do about power in the weeks in years to come we're gonna hear their plan coming up that's gonna be tomorrow here on the show by the way very interesting we also talked a little bit about Boeing they are in a world of hurt right now they're trying to borrow ten billion dollars that got about six billion but now they've just announced that the planes that they thought were to be back in the air by spring likely will not be back in the air until at least mid summer eight oh five are featured audio clip was Joe Staley an offense of linemen for the forty Niners interviewing the quarterback for the forty Niners Jimmy Garoppolo talking about the favorite song that he likes to sing in the car when he's driving and they both saying it and it was horrible it went right really was right but think those guys are so fun that's okay they don't have to sing just just a Philly all fall and do it really well in a couple of weeks right Hey I like it I like your attitude okay so for tomorrow as soon as we hop off the air air here I'm an I hop in another studio I'm gonna have a chat with Paul Reiser all the actor comedian comedian Paul Reiser yeah what we chatted about what he's going to be in town this weekend for a show as they were going to chat with him a little bit about what what he's doing now I mean he's he's been on stranger things lately you know you haven't heard from him some people haven't heard from in awhile but he's doing lots of stuff including stranger things was just that huge breakout Netflix at all right we're back tomorrow morning at five o'clock we're here till nine o'clock hopefully you can join us at some point in time I'm Sam Shane I'm Christina Madonna thanks for being here Sacramento's number one for breaking news traffic and weather news ninety three point one F. B. K. attention investors need to diversify from stock market risk need a haven for retirement assets not earning cash flow of eighteen to twenty one percent targeted consistently national realty's class A. buildings.

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