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Flower planters have you had any indication that those human remains any of them were found in the planters on your property or believe they fit the police officer in charge i believe he said that this morning since the police showed up at your door and they took it down had to be questioned they basically set up a crime scene at your home continue tell us what's been going on there well regard her first part they went after it very interesting and bernard award her own home on television so it meant has met suits in and out of the house and we were we were a little bit freed around the edges helen to be to be blunt i so they simply couldn't think i was so horrified you know you you said you've known him for over a decade and and yes you began by saying this is someone you knew to be kind and then you got along well with can you share more with what's been going through your mind heavy replayed things said even rethinking the the decade of of the relationship you had with him go as in the signs were there we just didn't pay attention that kind of thing nothing absolutely nothing at all he had wonderful client he was kind and generous to them i never saw him angry he work with his son it seemed like a good relationship and yet these crimes that he stands accused of are just are despicable uh and and you said you're horrified can you share.

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