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That's as close as I never can remember it in my lifetime. And but you know, obviously the hoku one narrow though it might be in politics, you know, there's no moral victories, right? A wins and win. So she will be the governor for four more years. And the Democrats still have the majorities, although reduced, they still have the majorities in both the Senate and assembly. So for New York, you know, unfortunately, probably day to day, as you sort of rightly, I think pointed out, not a ton is going to change the elections are behind us. But I do think there are some interesting takeaways in New York, which is that every county across the state, every single one of them. Performed more favorably for Republicans than two years ago. And so hopefully we can build upon, you know, obviously you don't have a gubernatorial candidate every cycle, but hopefully we can build upon this to grow and move New York at least more towards the middle out of super blue, far left ideology that we've seen in the past four years. Rob, let me ask you a little bit about the Zelda race with hulk specifically. I know obviously New York had a great showing. And maybe New York did when, you know, the house for Republicans, right? When you look at zeldin versus hochul, do you think that race was close because people are fed up or because hoku obviously say this way. People were fed up and truly believed in Lee's elden. Do you think it's partially because hulk was a terrible candidate? You know, if this was a maybe a Zelda verse Cuomo race, take out what happened last summer and all those reports. But is this race close as it is today or is this partly just because there is a true movement towards we want Law & Order. We don't want our kids vaccinated. And Kathy hochul is a terrible candidate. You know, I think it's a little bit of probably both of those things. I don't know, I absolutely know. I can tell you, I know the issues, particularly around crime, public safety, Law & Order. And certainly governor huckel's performance around the issues of mandates and what that did to businesses and schools and school kids. I think all of those things absolutely played a role. I think it played a role where it mobilized people in a way that maybe wouldn't have happened in the past or didn't happen in the past. I think Lee zeldin, you know, certainly spoke to those issues. And it was very consistent in this messaging. So I don't think you could ever remove the issues. And that people were frustrated. And the state, by the way, you know, has really lurched to the far left. I mean, I was at a New York City, I think a lot of people kind of go, man, states really moving far to the left. Now that. Issue did not mention, when you talk about the governor and whether she was a good candidate or not, I don't think she ran a great campaign,

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