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Put my glasses on. I got to look smart when I'm answering questions. Now you want to look smart and skinny. What are you talking about? Look, hey, look, listen, never gave you money. Never gave them money. You money. I got a few. To make sure it is. Now you know everybody when they have new year's resolutions and goals. Oh, I'm stopped drinking soda. And to me, that's not a risk. That's not a new year's resolution as not no damn gold. Let's just discipline, okay? So I want to know from you, what is your new year's resolutions and goals? Part, my new year's resolution don't change. Be richer than I was last year. Are you richer than I was last year? I heard Rick Ross say this. I am athlete podcast with Brandon Marshall and Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder and ocho Cinco and it made a lot of sense to me help me was he saying look, man, go harder than you did last year. Take one or two more meetings than you did, last year. Bro, I swear, bro, the reason why I want to be rich and the reason why I say this every year for my resolution is because per God swear to God, bro, if the lord ever blessed me with like crazy money, I'm pulling up on people and changing their lives though. My dream before I die, bro, my dream is to pull up on people and be like, pull up on a family that's working hard and they can't make ends meet and be like, hey, I'm a pay your house off y'all calls off. I'm a drop y'all a hundred grand and y'all bank account and y'all still work out jobs, but all y'all got it y'all utilities. That's my dream. And I'm a do it. I'm a do it 'cause we about to get rich off this podcast..

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