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News Radio Day two of training camp today for the Boston Bruins, and after deciding to opt out of the bubble and postseason play last year under unique circumstances, Goalie two corrals continues to practice and preparation of his 14th season with the team. Head coach Bruce Cassidy was asked today. Where is goaltenders head is at entering the year? Yeah, I think this has been good since he got back and took care of his family. To be honest with you. I mean, I talked to him shortly after that during the summer. Again before camp Hey, feels good practicing well and the Cleveland Browns Covert outbreak continues. Head coach Kevin's too fancy has tested positive today. Along with two other coaches and two players. Special teams coach Mike Priefer will now serve as the team's head coach during their first round playoff match up with the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio. 3 13 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic. God, the three is Mike. We still got those problems in Charles found. That's right, Ben. Yeah, awful delays in and out of Charles Town this afternoon is a deadly crash investigation continues in City Square. Other mess happened earlier in the day. The intersection of Rutherford have in Chelsea Street. So Rutherford have shut down all traffic being forced onto the Gilmore Bridge, which is basically jammed up in both directions. This backed up getting to Rutherford have reaches back on the route 99 into well, right to the effort line. Not quite back to the casino, but it may get there. That gives you an idea how bad the backup is coming in s O avoided if you can, Of course. Also, we're seeing delays. Theo Brian Highway both directions between Land Boulevard in Lefferts Circle. The exit from the Tobin Bridge inbound to Rutherford to have that shut down, and there's a section of Chelsea Street. In the shutdown, 12 so certainly a good idea to avoid the entire area now delay Storrow Drive inbound coming in Deliverance circle. It stays like that. On the level it up Ramp Delight is 93 north from basically the second bridge onto the upper deck. That's the exit for Sullivan Square. That's jammed s so try to avoid that if you can to elsewhere the expressway here we go Stop and go from the tunnel to Columbia Road and Furnace Brook Parkway into displayed north bound, locked up just before granted. Have AH, passing upon Sit circle. Up to the north. Things were pretty good. In comparison. The other the upper end of 1 20 eights in great shape. Route one's okay, but Ruth three North delays coming up past Concord Road and Bill Rika, my King WBC's traffic on.

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