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In South Jersey mass transit node Warminster line of the fifteen minute delays all because of signal problems in the care of your twenty for our traffic center number thank you so much pride in what you can pay in layers you will be needing to wear layers today let's get a look at the eyewitness weather five day forecast the CBS threes Tiffany Simona a wind advisory will remain in effect for most of the region this afternoon for potential wind gusts up to forty five miles per hour that's will clear out giving way to plenty of sunshine as temperatures drop out of the sixties and into the fifties later this afternoon partly cloudy and colder overnight we drop to thirty seven by Monday morning Monday afternoon mostly cloudy cooler but still mild highs around fifty degrees fifty one on Tuesday with a few late day rain showers possible Wednesday mostly got a little bit milder highs around fifty six showers will be possible Wednesday night coming to an end very early Thursday Thursdays looking like another windy day with temperatures around forty nine currently here at the broadcast center at eleven thirty four it is partly sunny and sixty four degrees hi on Iran now the latest from KYW newsradio after a day of anti government protests Iran is stepping up its police presence protest on the streets of Iran they were the latest in a series of Saturday surprises that began with the mission that Iran did should sound like a freemium trip on or near Kelowna airport killing a hundred and seventy six people then he can check at a press conference Iran's military explained that an operator mistook the Ukrainian checked for a cruise missile but also described the incident as the price of mischief John caused by American actions the wreckage has now been moved to Toronto airport way Ukrainian investigators have begun to examine them Iran says it will share the contents of the black boxes course one of Holly Williams the eyes of the world on Iran for days now first with the escalating crisis over the targeted US killing of a military leader that Iran's missile response into Iraq then.

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