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I have opinions about get. I have very strong opinions about are they. Did you get there ring arch. I i i love writing think so but i don't know because i'm a guy. I'm sure we don't know about that. I don't think lorraine schwartz gives discounts but i'm going to say this. I have a. I don't know what you guys have posted. I don't but here's my opinion. I think that if you're a wealthy person person it's borderline tacky to do to close up or detailt of photos of a ring. I 'cause they're assisting disagree. Many people out there who are so excited about their like modest rang and then it's like taking a big it should be excitement because girls are weird about ring size and i just think it's kind of like the equivalent of like jack posting hosting so many bathing suit photos. It's like she's skinny and has a model body and it feels like unfair. Who don't you could argue that about anything in life on the extreme like right now. I think it's rude for you to post pictures of your face because you have a beautiful fucking eh. I can't change that while we're very can't fix your kerry kind. She can't change engagement ring. He picked it out of. I think that they're i. I love to see okay well. I'm gonna the difference. I love to see a celebrity engaging high because i don't think that celebrities are normal people. I don't think you need to live in the real world. It's not sarah who taught my kids kids fifth grade. It sarah hyland like she's on a big television show. I've seen where poofy dress on a host of close up close but like going to close 'cause i did. I don't think about it like guy doesn't think about it and i was like it's been a lot of money on that. Yes show everyone and i don't care if she loves the ring. She should be able to show it off. I think so too but like i saw a lot of people will be like okay and now with that and i was like petty but now hearing ringing i'm like okay. I can see where they're coming keller. She gets a quota to yeah. There are people who go over mother bore say look. I love lacroix the problem the problem is when it's a picture that you shouldn't be having your left hand in but then somehow your left hand makes all your picks. Yes i think she's allowed to be excited. She's recently engaged. She can post the engagement and the ring and everything and then now as it goes off off you kind of slow down with that and then.

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