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And now let's talk about Disney. You should have said, and Miao. Oh, sorry. And me on. Oh, very funny, Donna. You know, I had a trip to Disney world. It was cancelled earlier this year. Sorry. So, too, was the trip to camp. So, too, was a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. Been great. It's been a fun year. I think so far. So I came across this about Disney and I was like I'll read the article about Disney. It'll make me feel like I'm at Disney. Now that's sweet. The psychological tricks. Disney Parks used to make long wait times more bearable. Cute little article on mental floss. There are some very long lines and you can find yourself a Disney world and at the end of the day if you don't play your cards, right, you don't Fastpass appropriately You're like, Oh, jeez. We were on six rides today Were you Were you were 11 hours and we wrote a total of six rise so I could get a little bit socks of a bummer. Especially, you know when they say like there's a queue that just has 200 people zigzagging around ropes. If that's just one big, large, open room. It's easy for the waiting guest. To feel overwhelmed because that design allows riders to see exactly how many people are in line in front of them, which isn't necessarily a good thing when the line is long, one thing that Disney is really good at Is And maybe this is what you're about to tell us is kind of keeping you entertained like rock and roller coaster. Have you gone on that? Yes. I don't know if it's changed, but you know, as you're walking through you stop because you're in a recording studio with Aerosmith. Yes, and And yet, like it just keeps you busy as your that's where they crush. That's where they do so well, because I think of any other amusement park like growing up. Remember the lines? You just wait and you would see how long it was. And then you just wait. And it was like one ride after another ride after another right and you would slowly Inch your way up and to think that you would get into a line as a kid. And not a Disney just any amusement park and you might know a way to get on this roller coaster. We're going to be in this line for an hour. And then you would just sit and chat. Unusually hot, sticky weather. Tohave. About 60 to 90 seconds of excitement. It's you know, it's kind of cool. You like saving never to do that. I remember waiting in line and it wasn't Disney. Oui. It was like one of the six flags. It was called Great Adventure in New Jersey and There was a tree or a post that was just covered in chewed up gum. Everybody just would leave their gum on there, and they made this like piece of art with all of their DNA, and it's like there's that wall in Ah in Seattle. Fiona there like gum wall, and I think that's it. Almost every old school amusement park there was the thunderbolt at Kenny would in Pennsylvania and it was everybody would stick their gun right on the wall right before they finally went up to like the final ramp. So you knew you were really Close and it was just littered with gum. Well, imagine here's a Disney. They prevent the riders from seeing each and every person that is ahead of them in the line. Q. And they do that, Like one way on Space Mountain, For example, they have walls that are built around the twisting path so that riders don't really have a clear idea as to how much farther they have to go. Until their deeper into the building, which stops people from giving up when they first get into the line. Now, another example of the deception that these desires use. They call it the Machiavellian twist. So if you've ever been pleasantly surprised by a line that moved faster than you expected. That was intentional. The signs that list wait times at the beginning of right Q's purposefully inflate the numbers that way, when await that was supposed to be 120 minutes goes by in 90 minutes. You feel like you have more time than you did before, But it's tough to get your brain around. Wait 90 minutes for one ride. Ah, I couldn't do it. The bonuses like some of these new rides and attractions at the Star Wars land that they have at Disney. They are like. I think one of the rides is 17 or 18 minutes long, So it's an attraction, so at least you do get a little more payoff. In that regard, you know, Still I mean time is ticking. And you that's why you have to have Multiple days to do business. Steve, if you were there with your kids, I don't know how people do it with more than two kids because it would just be like I'm Ha! I'm there Is the mom hungry? Kind of depiction, isn't it? It is kind of just made me irritated hearing you do that, Theo. Only time I've been to Disney. Yet with the kid's eyes when my I think my daughter was four and my son was too Me and my wife was ah, eight months pregnant. Oh, my God. Why would you do that? To her and 1/2 maybe. Yes, we were there. It was spur of the moment. We're in Southern California. We're so close. Let's do it. And I spent so much of that day holding both kids. I remember my arms and you've seen my biceps in person. Donna, how would you describe them? Meeting..

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