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And he just keep getting up that was a lesson fritz pollard the elder was well qualified to teach fritz pollard was born in chicago in eighteen ninety four the seventh of eight children his mother was native american his father an african american who boxed professionally during the civil war pollard ran track and played baseball and football at chicago's lane tech high school whereas athleticism was celebrated in 1915 he enrolled at brown university on a rockefeller scholarship and things changed his teammates basically really wouldn't talk to him or anything until they saw what he could do what powered could do was rack up yards sixty seventy in eighty yards at a time once he got the ball the tough 5foot6 halfback flew down field his trademark peggy football parents flapping in the breeze once they saw his talich he won them over at his personality also won them over so from then on they had his back no matter what that would be useful as the only african american on the field pollard was the subject of verbal abuse and worse in the college game of 1915 punching kicking an ideology at the bottom of the pig pile were routine pollard was often a target he learned how to protect himself by rolling over and kicking his feet like a cat semi try to pile on and drag their feet on him to cut him his teammates also protected him they would all we're begi uniforms so that way no one could tell in a game who he was and sometimes they even dark in their faces with shoe polish so they couldn't tell who he was is that true yes during games during games back then you know 1915 in 1960 nets unheard of.

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