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The needed one point five miss the the market is post powell talking of other individuals talk show watching as well cassani norsk hydro to raise its improvement talk it's off to a surprise profit we see any reaction yes terrific reaction this morning the stock was up almost seven percent earlier it's now up four point eight percent great news for them they're they reported an unexpected underlying profit so it's compared to loss a year earlier and especially since aluminum producer suffering to cyber attack in march this was particularly nicer price for shareholders okay so that's a no sky on ranna the booth delaying vote on the feds deal off to hitting some resistance this is rumbling on though correct yes there's always something going on with reno this year right so reno is down just slightly on this news zero point six percents and his partner nissan is putting up resistance to the deal and it's actually although any sun only has votes on the boy to couldn't block the the deal with yet at the same time it is a symbolic it at statement in also france which is a major shareholder reno asked that as a result of the deal with the famed work of existing frank would japanese align remain intact thank you so much full joining us because then you're gonna chico bloomberg equities reporter with all stocks to wall shall we touched on the data check at the top of the federal reserve policymakers all ready to cut interest rates but worsening trade tensions nudging them in that direction speaking at a conference in chicago on tuesday federal reserve chairman jerome powell signaled an openness to interest rates if necessary we do not know how or when these issues will be resolved we are closely monitoring the implications of these developments for the u._s. economic outlook and as always we will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion with a strong labor market and inflation near are symmetric two percent of jack of so that was the feds empowering a his message wolves v in food sent by the fed vice chevy had clarita he later told c._n._b._c. that the fed will to incoming economic indicators kathleen to determine whether any move is willing to it's an knowledge of the risks posed of course by the defense trade spats and on that as well speaking of the worst trade tensions between the world's two largest economies china has find food's main joint venture in the country for anti-trust violations the twenty four million dollar fine is a quivalent to full percent of chonkin foods annual sales in chongqing meanwhile coma secretary will barreau says the u._s. will take steps to ensure it doesn't get cut off from the supply of us that's in response to a reporter earlier this month that beijing has ready to plan to restrict exports and that news out of both nations will provide the backdrop for a meeting between u._s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin on chinese central bank governor egon during a gathering of g twenty finance ministers this weekend meanwhile president donald trump is sticking with his threat of imposing a five percent tariff on mexico next week in a tweet the u._s. president hitt senate minority leader chuck schumer in the u._s. suggesting that he's bluffing earlier yesterday trump said that the tariffs would likely take effect as tools with mexico and immigration continued shouldn't allow millions of people to try and enter our country and they could stop it very quickly and i think they will and if they won't we're gonna put tariffs on and every month those tariffs go from five percent to ten percent fifteen percent to twenty and then to twenty five percent and what will happen then is all of those companies that have left our country and gone to mexico are going to be coming back to us and that's okay that was the president speaking yesterday in the u._k. mexican president andres manual lopez open door says he hopes the country can reach a deal to escape u._s. tariffs the leader known as i'm lou believes they can find a way to stop the five percent t._t.'s being imposed before next week's deadline this as president trump says he'll probably impose duties or mexican products as planned and trump's jock a more optimistic tone she when it comes to u._s. trade with the u._k. he promised that the two nations could as much as triple trade after brexit as the u._k. makes preparations to exit the european union the united states is committed to a phenomenal trade deal between the u._s. and the u._k. there's tremendous potential in that trade deal i say probably two at even three times of what we're doing right now tom however did the controversy by hinting britain's government run health system could be open to american companies if there is a trade deal between the nations he to set an interview with good morning britain that the u._k.'s n._h._s. wouldn't be part of trade negotiations i some flip-flop yes corporate news we touched on in stocks to walsh renault needs more time to review a possible merger with theat chrysler the finish call may has board will continue to meet for a second day off to its partner nissan put up resistance to the deal bloomberg's counting cornell has the story from paris many issues could come in the way of the discussions including the french state rory the best possible job cuts and the son who's been a partner of the no for thirty years threatening to pull out of the alliance eve they manage to overcome the differences the combination of renault and feared chrysler would create the third biggest comic in the world sending about eight point seven million vehicles annually in paris telling kernan bloomberg daybreak europe now there's all top stories that's get the latest in global news headlines were never far from brexit has been berkeley had.

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