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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. The Taliban reportedly are preventing a number of chartered flights from leaving Afghanistan. The New York Times says three flights approved by the U. S are set to evacuate hundreds of people from the airport in Mazari Sharif to an air base in Qatar. The Times cites documents it's reviewed, indicating dozens of those passengers are Americans. Afghanistan will be the focus this week when Secretary of State Antony Blinken holds talks with officials in Qatar and Germany. Germany's ambassador to China has died less than two weeks after he took up the post. NPR's Emily Fang in Beijing says it's not yet clear how 54 year old Jan Hecker died. Before becoming Berlin's envoy to Beijing, Hecker was best known as German Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief foreign policy advisor. He was a prominent figure in crafting European foreign policy, especially in contending with China's economic and political rights. That familiarity with European politics would have given Germany and by extension, the European Union continuity and its China policy. After Merkel finishes her last term, Hecker was also very familiar with American politics. Helping shepherd numerous multilateral statements and exchanges across the Atlantic. His last event as ambassador to China was only three days ago and the German Embassy in Beijing. Berlin has not yet stated what his cause of death was. Molly Fang. NPR NEWS Beijing This is NPR news Live from KQED News. I'm Brian what? Good morning. Tens of thousands of South Lake Tahoe area residents are allowed to return to their homes for the first time. Since they were pushed out last week because of the massive called or fire. Favorable weather over the weekend allowed crews to strengthen containment lines. Several evacuation orders were downgraded to warnings yesterday afternoon. El Dorado County Sheriff's Sergeant Simon Brown says returning citizens should stock up on food and water, be cautious on the roads and be wary when returning to their homes. The delicate balance between humans and bears has been upset over the last week or so. So that is gonna be a big challenge law enforcement and working really hard to do what they can to keep the bears out of people's homes. Please call us if you need any assistance. If you think as a bear in your house, give us a call. The Cal door fire still threatens over 28,000 structures and his destroyed over 700 homes in this year of foothills. San Francisco supervisors are considering outlawing unregistered parts used to build so called ghost guns. This week, an ordinance would make it a misdemeanor to ship gun parts without serial numbers to San Francisco or to possess those parts in the city. The city has seen a recent explosion of unregistered home assembled guns with more than 100 ceased in the first half of this year, according to Police Department statistics. San Francisco's district attorney sued three California based gun part manufacturers last month, alleging they misled customers on the legality and registration requirements of privately assembled firearms. Brian what KQED news Support comes from service up with one collect service up, We'll pick up a car, repair it at a local shop and return it visits service up. Dot io. Ahead on morning edition. Rachel Martin talks to New York City Councilman Justin Brandon about how his district is recovering from the damage of last week's rain and flooding He represents district 43 in Brooklyn. I'm Robin Young, confused by all the offerings on streaming services will film critic Tipper has a new newsletter to let you know about gems like this one. It's this wonderful, hilarious, moving, philosophical Danish action movie. You've seen this thing on your cue. It doesn't look like much. It's actually worth seeing next time here Now, here now, with a story whether you hear it here via our audio streamer over the airwaves on KQED at 11 Support for NPR comes from.

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