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I'm happy to say. He was with us in the last hour. I thought we'd finished up, but I didn't want to take away his pleasure in being able to. Thank some folks who really have made it possible for the Latigo Lartigue memorial monorail memorial from. Lartigue monorail project here in LaSalle county, Kerry Ireland. These people came from across the ocean. Absolutely. This project cost about two million euro as so I had to go to America. Collect money, and I collected major funding in New York, for example. Where people like Morris? Regan was a major country veteran part retardant and Dennis color models. Then in Chicago where Jesse real estate for Illinois was a big supporter and also people like Carlos very well known there. Mike Sheehan sheriff for Cook County, dick Devine. And so many more then headed to San Francisco where I must say, the local mirror time was very helpful and the Irish community there, then San Jose was man called Tom mckenry McKinley centers called off from what he is huge connection to carry Gama symbol people help me and then San Diego where John Lynch who son. John Lynch is the famous American footballer now general manager of the forty Niners and he kept and Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl in two thousand and three. They all helped me so much with financial contributions because it's a major project, but more especially at liked it. Many in terms of had that came over from universities and colleges in America the walkman in the doll, and it was an intern Massachusetts. If I wasn't a TD as we call it here. Congressman or whatever this would have never happened because I wouldn't have had the resources far the supposed to research and also collect the money, but a girl called cotton mills get all the early investigation for this from New York where she captain bills would have been I think around the New York area. Maybe are you saying mills? But. His family from Dutchess county New York because I'll tell you a really quickey slide in. There's a house in Dutchess counties that even when you come to visit New York next. I'm going to meet you and when wisc you'll wait till called stats Berg mansion, it's right next to Hyde Park where Franklin Delano Roosevelt's home was. And I don't know weekend. Summers. Whatever home and. That was the mills family and they had among other children, twin daughters, one of which was named Beatrice and Beatrice meant married viscount somebody or other who owned castle the castle castle Forbes in county Longford. Because those people had money series cartridge, anywhere. I'm not saying they had money your family, but a cotton bond open, Scott, and she was excellent and very quite garlanded reading part and research, and so many more. So I would just like technology great US contribution. Like, don't so many projects you have done burning the American Ireland fund, and we all saw much to America and a very. Thiessen generous people that are over there have contributed so much development of this country. Both I suppose someone artistic heritage cultural pint of view apart from all the hundred thousand jobs that they provided to their there is companies. So I just like to say a big, thank you. There's a lot of the towns and cities in Ireland are twins with other towns around the world while we have a lot of them in America. This stall is twinned with Lescot gutters in partner. Okay. Which is one of the most prosperous towns per capita than America. So we're very fortunate to be twinned with Las Gatos, and we receive great cultural artistic I suppose benefit from that maybe not industry, but Sutton, the from a cultural point of view data's been thirty three successful that relationship. I'm very glad to hear that the town that we live in Lanesborough, Massachusetts, and my husband Mark, and I were instrumental in creating the twin town relationship with Lanesborough county Longford airland, and I don't I. Well, I don't think we have yet quite the spirit. In the US in our relationship with lanes pro Ireland to the point that there's a real deep rich benefit taking place culturally and otherwise between the two towns, but two miles from us as a city called pittsfield Massachusetts and they're in their twentieth or twenty first year, something like that. Twins. Their sister city is Bella nine county male, and that is a thriving amazing relationship that I aspire to in terms of the two lanes bras. But you can see it works. How much? Yeah. Thank you very much. We could be here for the week. So many stories to tell each other. And actually the theme of sympathy. Stay was story telling the show, but you're one of the greatest storytellers evolve. Stephanie, oh my gosh. I'm glad this is recorded. We're gonna play that again and again. Well, thank you. I really appreciate that. And we're going to be catching up with you later. We're also going to be catching up with Princess Electra Marconi who is the daughter of Marconi makes it possible for all of us in broadcasting to be broadcasting. Thank you. So very very much for joining us. And I know you're gonna run over to the museum now. So that you could be in place when a Princess Electra. And my good friend, Mark, Leslie, who is a frequent guest on my shows. He's become a regular. We're going to catch up with you later. Thank you so much for your generosity of your time. I really appreciate because I know how crazy busy today is especially for you. All right people. Stay with me. We got.

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