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Of NFL regular season tonight from U. S. bank stadium in Minneapolis third quarter under three minutes to go Viking still leads and nine on the Packers actors have the ball deep in Vikings territory there now run around the twelve yard line trying to go in front for the first time in the game actors went tonight they clinch the NFC north biking for three turnovers the first that have at least one take away down eleven straight games Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks out for the remainder of the game with a quad injury Monday Night Football from U. S. bank stadium on ESPN and ESPN FC Aktiv signed running back Robert Turbin ESPN's Adam Schefter reports marshon Lynch has left his physical with the team and is awaiting the results NBA Sixers in Detroit tonight Ben Simmons messing around with a triple double eagle street fight Robert what's left side reporter note civil rebounders a triple double for best use twenty four local double of his career but doctors take it go on ninety seven point five a fanatic filming sixteen points thirteen rebounds seven assists Sixers beat the pistons one twenty five one oh nine fifty seven I lost five straight first on the road knocked out the Memphis Grizzlies one forty five one fifteen lamarcus Aldridge with forty in the winter yes we have a reward enough reporting earlier tonight do projects of white Jordan Clarkson from the Cavaliers making for Dante Exum and a pair of second round pick yeah on the road in Miami losing one of seven one of four for the heat incredibly it's not the end of the Dallas Cowboys sees what should be the end of Jason Garrett's tenure as head.

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