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One W G Y malaria Johnson is safe to a girl in Hudson falls. Girl was found Friday in New York City. Nineteen year old George Torres. Been arrested police say he drove up from Staten Island on Wednesday to pick her up. Michael Mackerras, the Washington county public defender, also George stores attorney, he tells news channel thirteen how Johnson and Torres got to know one another from what I know. Now, they reached out to each other on Facebook. It was initially Facebook communication, and essentially he was invited to come up and pick her up and take her to New York City Torres charged with kidnapping and child endangerment. Although investigators believe the girl got in the car willingly, Washington county sheriffs say there was another man question. But he's cooperating and is not being charged amber alert that was issued on Thursday was cancelled on Friday nearest controller says the state has been dropping the ball on do not call an audit of do not call registry. Complaints finds it. Although the division of consumer protection has been getting over four hundred and fifty thousand complaints about telemarketers. In recent years. Only two cases were referred for enforcement action in two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen combined in the course of the it. Tom Annapolis office says that they found there's been high staff turnover in the office that should have been following through on the complaints. And that that may have contributed to the problem the inaction results in more than frustration. The Napoli points out that the fines levied dropped from one point nine million to forty four thousand Diane. Newsradio eight ten and one or three one WG y Bashar report commissioned by the Pentagon is out and it is not good for four drum report put the Watertown institution at the top of a list of having the highest risk of sexual assaults for women out of all army installations for drum also ranked number two for the risk of for men report lists incidents in the year of two thousand fourteen which is the most recent year. When information is available on sexual assaults and harassment afford, drums, spokeswoman says reports findings are quote more than statistics to us. There are brothers and sisters in arms spokeswoman also says preventing and responding to sexual assault is the top priority for every commander at fort drum coming up the W G Y AccuWeather forecast..

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