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Woman. What you mean me? You told me you love me. It wouldn't me. Maybe it wasn't you? Maybe I saw something. I didn't see. And even better, even if it was me, I just like her. I love you. You love me best every time Trump's beat. That's what I hear my head. I hit it all the time. Trump Eli no net. Now, they know when me now let me oh who's president? Maybe wouldn't you? Look, I don't dislike you, but I love America. And see when he gets out there. And he started talking about immigration and fair trade and everything else. Everybody listens and says. Yep. I agree. I agree. I agree. Even the most depression who is rational and understands Trump when he's up there talking about how China's making all this money off us had a UK made one hundred fifty billion dollars off of us, and it's not happening anymore. You'd be listening like well. Yeah. That's a good thing. He stopped taking advantage. Even though you know, you know, what he is still be like that that end up day. I get agree with that. That's Al good to me. Man. Trump is good job people's Bella realized how good this man, really. Even to the point where he blaming Obama for Russia taking Crimea. I mean, the dude is good. I got I gotta give him props. He's good. All right now when apple one zero seven seven three five is let's talk about what happened yesterday. In congress. This what happened yesterday? Shit. Make everybody in America, one term limits on members of congress talk more about that. When we come back. You're listening to the WB..

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