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Net for millions of farmers across the country but it also includes the supplemental nutrition program known as snap or food stamps last year forty million people use the program totalling about seventy billion dollars in spending and conservatives like house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows have turned the legislation into a last minute electionyear opportunity they want republicans to deliver on their promise to cut government spending seventy six percent of this farm bill has nothing to do with farms yeah so when you when you look at that in twenty four percent of it actually is about farms in supporting our farmers netto said in a recent interview on c span that spending on food stamps is one of the biggest issues standing in the way of conservative support but food stamps are in the farm bill because of politics it was added in the nineteen seventies way to convince big city lawmakers to vote for an expensive safety net for farmers and for decades it worked that coalition is at risk of crumbling this year after house democrats all but abandoned the negotiations i didn't walk away we didn't walk away we were pushed away by an ideological fight i repeatedly warned the chairman not to start that's colin peterson the top democrat on the house agriculture committee at a hearing last month peterson says he's worked with republicans on every farm bill since the nineteen nineties but this time he can't promise that a single democrat will vote for this bill but house republicans have the backing of president trump they want strict requirements that recipients who are healthy and able to work spend time searching for jobs and getting training or volunteering and they say voters agree republicans point to polls from the rightleaning foundation for government accountability the group's vice president for federal affairs christina rasmussen says the support crosses ideological lines you see seven out of ten democrats supporting these ideas independence usually come in at eight out of ten republicans nine out of ten but democrats disagree they say voters view food stamps as an essential part of the government's safety net that republicans are trying to dismantle stacy dean heads the food assistance program at the leftleaning center.

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