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Clouds. Thirty one degrees at seven oh three. I'm Al shocked. WBZ news. The hour's top story. One person is dead another hospitalized after a crash involving two pedestrians at an SUV and Saint Paul the crash happened at the intersection of McKnight road, north and burns avenue to people were struck one died. The other was taken to regions hospital. Police say the driver of the SUV is in custody and being questioned Saint Paul police spokesman Steve lenders dark dark for a long period of time starting early morning hours. So we just need to look off on another. And we're doing our parts try to educate people. Hopefully. Everyone's just looks out for each other. This is the third pedestrian fatality in the last two days in the twin cities on Thursday in Roseville. Two people were killed by seventy two year old driver authorities. There are looking for the driver of another car that may have been involved in that collision for the second time. The opening of Excelsior is ice castle is delayed because of the weather building of the acre sized ice castle has come to a stop thanks to our forty degree days. But crews are making the best of it. Tim bow Missy site manager at the ice castle that moved this year from Stillwater to Excelsior can chainsaw and the castle work on the floor. There's a lot of like it's almost like ice landscaping stuff to do. So we can do that. This is the second delay of the ice castles opening. They were originally scheduled to open in late December. They then moved that date to this weekend. And now it's scheduled to open next Friday January eleventh, my hope is that it drops down right now tomorrow. Your zero degrees. This is not the latest ice castle has opened three years ago. When the castle was an Eden prairie they open and late January. Edgar Linares WCC. Oh, this is the final weekend for shopping at the Sears store and Saint Paul the building opened in nineteen sixty three on rice street, not far from the state capitol building. Last follow was targeted for closure after Sears holdings filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy deep. Discounts are offered for what's left at the building including fixtures. Aren't usually for sale to the general public. That's not known. What will happen to the property after the closure? The Sears store in the mall America closes in March while the closing date for the Sears at Ridsdale is not finalized the Bloomington man joined a unique club yesterday, he became the newest member of the one hundred gallon club. Meaning he's donated one hundred gallons of blood and his lifetime. Sixty nine year old Ray Hudson says he's been no dating since nineteen seventy. I'm kind of I'm just a humble to me. I keep saying that I have something so valley. Freely flowing through me. Important to somebody else. According to the memorial blood center. Hudson is one of only five donors to reach that one hundred gallon milestone. Hudson donates every other Thursday plans to continue. He hopes his story will motivate others to donate blood. The Timberwolves overcame a nineteen point deficit to win going away last night beating Orlando one twenty one zero three at target center has heard here on WCTC on Abadi tolliver scored eleven points for the wolves. Just kept chip netted kept going. We're supposed to do. But most importantly, we played together and made place for each other. And got easy shots. God. We're able to figure it out the timber wolves host the Lakers tomorrow afternoon tip off at two thirty right here on WCTC. Oh, WBZ news time seven oh six the weekend weather forecast. Coming up next. The free radio dot com app from the Google play store. You can listen. Anytime anywhere on your iphone or Android smartphone. Hi, rush.

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