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Made zero new rules. It was just we are going to enforce the rules. And one last thing, Paul, if you use the analogy of the highway. And there are cops on the highway that are monitoring speeding. Now, I think I don't think any of your listeners or you or me would be able to with a straight face a wine ever exceed the speed limit. I'm not asking that we call that somebody going 67 to 65 get a ticket. I'm not calling for touch fouls. What I'm saying is we've got people going 80 and the cops are watching them go by. And when you allow that, more people are going to go 80 and they're going to go 80 more often. When you give tickets out when they go 80, they start to slow down. And when you call, when you call the clear files, players will stop fouling and when you don't call them, they will file more. And that's the situation where now. I don't think it's fixable this year at this point in the season. But I think we're going to I really believe we're going to see this. I think we're going to see some of these power 5 conference teams that are playing hockey games during their conference season, going to the NCAA tournament. And in the tournament, the NCAA supervisor JD Collins has a very strict hammer on the officials. If you don't call the games the way he says, you don't advance to the next round as an official. And I think we're going to see a couple of maybe more. Some power conference teams find themselves in situations where they can't adjust in a single game. And they're going to get bounced out of the tournament as a result. Now, some people say, oh, the other team was just better. But the trained eye that looks at it says now they got the one one at this point. I mean, I've had so many games that never got to the one and one by halftime. And it's impossible for teams to play at this level of physicality and not pick up files. It's impossible. Jay, in a very short period of time, we have left. I know it's a big question in terms of the tournament, but as we move toward that, everyone thinks this team or that team, but is there any way to chisel it down to where you are right now in terms of if you had to without knowing what the field looks like? Who has impressed you the most this year? Yeah, I think last year we had two teams that stood out above the rest. And saga and Baylor and it was all season long. You knew they were head and shoulders above the crowd. And if they didn't make the final four, your jaw would be on the floor. This year, I think we don't have that kind of superpower at the top where they've separated. We've got about 18. I would say that I think the champion is going to come from that 18 group, but I wouldn't be surprised if any of those 18 lost in the sweet 16. They all won't lose, but a couple, maybe a few will. And that many open up a path for a smaller conference team to make the final four. I think it's going to be a little bit easier this year to reach a final four that last year. But winning the championship is a different animal. And so, but I think we're looking at 18s. That doesn't mean somebody can't pull an NC state or a Villanova 85 and do it. That's possible. But it's unlikely, but we've got this is going to be an exciting turn of it because we don't know. There's nobody that you can point to and say that's the best team. But I think Gonzaga, auburn, perdue, teams like that, duke, Kentucky, they're all in that in that range of teams that have a chance to cut the nets down. Somebody can do something crazy and be outside of that group and do it. But I think we're looking at about an 18 group that are what I would say prohibitive favorites to win it. So much to talk about. We hope to catch up with you again. I know the schedule will get very busy. But Jay, thanks for making time. It's always great to have you on. Always Paul. Thank you. Thank you very much. Nobody knows more than Jay Bill is from ESPN and we are heading to the break right here. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast..

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