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We were talking about Plato before the break and the accidental invention of it and I know I said we were moving on from Plato but I just have to share one more thing that I did not share before the break. I was talking about the smell. That smell the Plato has right. It's very distinct and you know you open it and it. It's it's very distinct and I don't know what it is because It's a mixture. It's a non-toxic mixture plato as a non toxic mixture of of flour water salt borax mineral oil. Maybe it's the borex combined with the mineral oil. I really don't know but plato has a very distinct smell and it turns out that to mark the product's fiftieth anniversary as a toy in twenty in two thousand six Hasbro created a plato perfume. It worked with demeter Peter Fragrance to create a fresh out of the CAN Aroma. It was a great gag gift. Bench says but I don't think it did anything more than that. I would hope I would hope not who seriously in the right mind wants to smell like Plato. Unless I mean if you're a preschool teacher you might smell like it but you don't want to preserve its PYATT. Proprietary Pungency Hasbro filed for a trade for trademark protection in two thousand seventeen claiming the product had a unique sent formed through the combination of sweet slightly. Musky Vanilla like fragrance with slight overtones of cherry and the not natural smell of as salted wheat based DOE. Does that that sound like Plato. No not to me. The company received the trademark On May Eighteenth two thousand eighteen so they have even trademark that accent and I just find that fascinating that not only did they trade market and they call it. Vanilla with overtones of Cherry makes no sense but that they made perfume gag gift yes actual gift not not so much okay. So let's move away from Plato. Now I promise this time we really well Speaking of sort of childhood nostalgia If you're old enough how many of you watched Gilligan's island as a kid. I know I did. It was on in syndication and so I watched it after school and It so so here is a A Gilligan's Isle Gillian's Island Inspired store it's uninspired. But here's let me just give the headline cows swept off coast during hurricane. Doreen survive Gilligan's island style. I really hope that there was one who was like the the professor and was able to make things out of coconuts. That would make me very happy. But in all their turns out that are only three cows not the How many one to Kevin? That were on Gilligan's island so three cows who were swept off the coast during Hurricane Dorian managed to miraculously survive in a manner perfect for a bovine centered centered reboot of Gilligan's island. Would you watch a bovine. Centered reboot of Gilligan's island. That sounds like something that it's got to be a cartoon it would have to be obviously live action would be too weird. The cows in question were part of a wild herd of twenty cows that roamed private land on Cedar Island North Carolina according to the Charlotte Observer and they were been swept off during hurricane during which has got to be extremely scary but they The so endearing hit to the area on September sixth. A lot of the wildlife was swept off. The island was swept off of the island including twenty eight wild horses. So this is a a very sad story in some aspects of the trio of cows were presumed dead understandably until recently in. This article is about five days old Until recently when they were all discovered living in the Cape Lookout National Seashore Park on the Outer Banks again. I want there to be a coconut car or a coconut battery or something park spokesman. BG Corvette told The New York Times. It's a tremendous story of how they made it. If the cows could talk imagine the story they can tell you of enduring that rush of water. See that's why it needs to be a cartoon. Right he added. That must be incredible. It seems the castaway cows managed to swim five miles to a barrier island where they then survived by grazing land. According to the BBC Park Staff noticed the first cow about a month after the storm the others reveal themselves within the last two weeks now the National Park Service is determining putting the best way to return the cows to their home with the front runner being to sedate them and then take them back to Cedar Island on a boat according to the Washington. Post now if this really were a cartoon of a Gilligan's island with cows they would make the plan and then something of course would happen so oh that the folks who came to sedate the cows and take them home on the boat would get off the island but the cows would not because that was pretty much. The premise of every Gilligan's island episode code. Where someone came to the island that person would get off the island but the the cats toys would not so Did you watch Gilligan's island and as a kid. Were you a fan. who was your favorite character? Did you like ginger or did you like Marianne porpoises. Mrs Will Never gets included in that conversation but I have lots of great memories. It was the flintstones and Gilligan's island and that is what I would watch after school For a while it was Hogan's heroes. It kind kind of changed depending I mean throughout the years that syndicated lineup after school changed but that is a big part of my childhood. So you know oh how I always talk about. You know. People should write a children's book. Will this episode. I'm saying someone should make a CARTOON COW COW COW Wagons Island island maybe too much and it could be the story of how these cows survived unhappy that they survived. I mean seriously I don't I don't know how many of the other animals including those twenty eight horses were if any of them survived but these three cows you know first. They swam five miles and then they survived. Just you know being cows and eating grazing on what they could find. And now they're going to be sedated and taken back Coleman maybe they wanna go maybe they don't WanNa go really. Don't know the answer to that. But cows Gilligan's island. Good stuff. All right thank you so much for joining me for the weird new. GMC Weird News. PODCAST I love finding out these very strange random sometimes fascinating and facts and I hope you do too join me again. Next time. If you do like learning about these ray strange random sometimes fascinating facts we would love it if you would subscribe. I follow us on social media. Do all those wonderful things that help us on the Internet especially giving us a five star rating that would be incredibly helpful. Fool to get the random weird sometimes fascinating facts out to more people. Thank you so much have a wonderful weekend. We'll see next time. In the meantime meantime stay weird. Thanks it.

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