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Darren throws story chases a slider swinging a minute strike one six to three colorado carlos gonzales at first base with nobody out teams like to run against garin we'll see if cargo has any ideas giants lost the two pitchers to injury i have seen whether the dodgers did kenta maeda went one and two thirds innings remember coming off a grill art where he was dominant went one and two thirds innings tonight for l a and was taken out of that game three nothing phillies on each royal out of town scoreboard bottom of the third dodger stadium long way to go but i have not seen whether that was an entry situation or to just wasn't affective three nothing philadelphia garron set here's the pitch it is hit to centerfield not deep quirky and as coming in quickly he'll get there though and make detach before our number one gonzalez goes back to i also on the toyota outoftown scoreboard matt's had a sixty to lead into the seventh inning but the braves at home against new york scored one run in the bottom of the seventh and then three runs in the bottom of the eighth they have tied the game six to six mets in atlanta no home runs tonight for the braves here's a throw to first gonzales dives back to the bag safely and has been a wild series with the double header with the long range in between the two games yesterday would they start the the second game of the doubleheader way late last night here's the pitch swing and a foul by desmond on a slider strike one diamondbacks lead the reds four two one at home in the bottom of the fifth inning in arizona finally starting to swing the bats a little bit zac godly tonight against louis casteel of the reds four one d backs.

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